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Hubble found a distant galaxy with unformed stars

Hubble нашел отдаленную галактику с несформированными звездами‍Scientists have found that in the new galaxy, called ESO 486-21, the process of birth of new stars.

Hubble space telescope helped the researchers in finding a unique galaxy in which there are a number of still unformed stars.

Astronomers using the apparatus carried out continuous monitoring of the layout area of the galaxy that is listed in the directory as NASA ESO 486-21.

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This star cluster from Earth is located at a distance of more than 30 million light years. As summed up by scientists, in this spiral galaxy may contain a huge number of stars with poor structure and yet they are, as expressed by American researchers in a kind of cocoon, i.e. undergo maturation. In the data, which was obtained by researchers, help to establish how the stars at the moment appear from a cloud of gas and dust accumulations.

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In addition, a special interest among them is the evolutionary process in different kinds of clusters. All the process of an appropriate nature have a fairly significant impact on the galaxy. Some scientists are inclined to believe that such should be sought throughout the Universe.

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