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Huawei will introduce new smartphone with powerful camera

Huawei представит новый смартфон с мощной камеройThe company actively introduces 5G.

Huawei is constantly evolving. Its new smartphone, the Mate 20, has gained immense popularity, but the Chinese do not plan to stay. According to the message of Walter JI, the head of the European branch of the company, Huawei wants to launch a new, foldable smartphone. He will have many interesting features. They include support for 5G, and also 10-fold optical zoom.

Huawei, as previously announced, plans to release a foldable device is already in 2019. The novelty should get the opportunity to work in the 5G networks. However, compatibility with this standard implement is not as easy as it may seem. In a recent interview the head of the European branch of the company, Walter JI, tells about the plans of the Chinese giant next year. They include a flagship smartphone with impressive capabilities.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the only smartphone in the world, offering 5-times optical zoom without the use of a floating lens. The Chinese manufacturer intends to continue to improve the cameras on smartphones. Top devices of the company will receive four lens and 10x optical zoom.

Unlike the foldable smartphone Samsung, Huawei will be ready for 5G. JI stated that the arrival of 5G will greatly improve the speed of the Internet. But with the introduction of the standard can be difficulties, especially in Europe. Different frequencies 5G will require engineers hard work on the design of the antennas and modems. In addition, 5G will take a long time to fully replace 3G and 4G.

This applies not only to Europe, because the introduction of 5G in the beginning will be very slow. JI also said that Huawei will avoid entry-level smartphones. Allegedly, cheap devices offer pitiful performance, which affects the convenience of the user, and it is bad for the image of the company. Moreover, Huawei believes that Android One is attractive, and the company does not believe that the customers are satisfied with it. Moreover, the company can go a little different route and to abandon budget phones to improve the quality of the products Honor.

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