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Huawei introduced an innovative battery

Huawei представила инновационный аккумуляторThis development should change the process of using smartphone.

Huawei introduced the first patented lithium-silicon battery. One of its features has become a fast and safe charging.

The manufacturer States that this development should change the process of using smartphone. In addition, this technology has several advantages over the existing solutions.

Similarly, how multitouch has changed the work with displays, ultra fast charging technology Huawei will change the way people use smartphones and rid them of nomophobia – fear of lack of access to the phone,– said the representatives of Huawei.

New batteries, silicon anodes are more powerful than decisions based on graphite, which makes this power supply more durable and capacious. In addition, the batteries have three-dimensional nitrogen-carbon coating, which can be synthesized at a relatively low temperature and has high conductivity, which enables ultra-fast charging.

Unlike traditional methods of fast charging technology Huawei uses a relatively low voltage and powerful relationship that is designed to maximize the amount of current supplied to the device, while minimizing losses in efficiency, heat, and throttle (engine skipping of machine cycles in the digital electronics for synchronizing operation of the various components or protect them, including the CPU from thermal damage in case of overheating).

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