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HTC will release a new flagship in 2019

Recently in the network spread rumors that in 2019, HTC will not unveil a new flagship smartphone and will be limited only by the model middle class, and some new gadget. Today HTC denied these rumors, saying that the new flagship to be.

Alas, no one still does not know exactly when HTC is going to show the heir of the current U12+, which was released quite a while ago, but sold very poorly due to high prices. The new smartphone, apparently, will be called U13 or U13, there is no certainty, but he is unlikely to be able to please new features from HTC has long been no money to develop new technologies. In short, U13, when he came out, will be similar to all smartphones the same time.

It is hoped that at least monobrow he won’t, so it has long ceased to be a trend. We will add that mysterious new HTC could well become the smartphone with support for cellular networks of the fifth generation, however, its usefulness in 2019 it will be possible to argue, as the 5G network will appear in the best case in 2020, and even then not in all countries. Along with the HTC smartphone with 5G modem will release Xiaomi, Samsung and OnePlus, and other manufacturers will catch up later.

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