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HTC and Motorola don’t slow down their smartphones

Sensational confession of Apple to slow down their smartphones resulted in numerous lawsuits against her for a huge sum of money. This is a real failure and the company will still be drying their badly tarnished reputation, plus its competitors are unable to pass such and its background start to sell themselves.

So, HTC and Motorola have officially admitted that he did not tarry, do not slow down and will not slow down their smart phones – their devices don’t become slower over time and can always provide maximum performance. And they are not turned off in the cold, as do the IPhones. So, buying HTC and Motorola, you can be sure that no one will force you through a year or two to buy newer models by slowing the old.

The corresponding algorithm is only in smartphones Apple, starting with iPhone 6 models, and, most important, it is not going to remove it. That is, the new IPhones will also be gradually slow down, but you will know in advance about it, because iOS will inline function check the degree of degradation of the battery, on the basis of which he can make a decision about its replacement, which will return to the previous smartphone performance.

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