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How would look like aliens

Как могли бы выглядеть инопланетянеVisually the most “alien” life forms on Earth are insects.

Gizmodo interviewed the astrobiologists about how would look like aliens. The answers of the experts available on the newspaper’s website.

“Sharks and dolphins have similar body shapes, although they are distant relatives, some of whom are fish and other mammals. We should not be surprised seeing a similar convergence of body shape when faced with life on other worlds,” — said the President of the program METI (Messaging to Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) International Douglas Vakoch.

According to him, “you should not expect duplication of Homo sapiens, because we are looking for life beyond Earth”. The expert did not rule out the possibility that multicellular inhabitants of the sub-surface oceans of the satellites of gas giants (primarily Europe and Enceladus) may resemble giant terrestrial animals.

Disagree with him astrobiologist from NASA Rocco Monicelli, who said that on Enceladus, most likely, is unlikely to exist multicellular life.

The chief astronomer of the SETI Institute (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Seth Shostak believes that the visually “most alien” life forms on Earth are insects.

Astronomer Kathleen Ahrens from the University of Arkansas (USA) believes that alien life may be based not on carbon, as on earth. In particular, the main chemical element for it can be sulfur.

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