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How will the pension reform in Ukraine

 Как будет работать пенсионная реформа в УкраинеWhat to expect pensioners.

Pension reform and on the key reforms of the IMF. The government is proud of Ukrainians and promises high pensions.

On the first of October in Ukraine are planning to increase pensions. This is one of the first steps of the future pension reform.

Until recently payments were charged on 15 different laws. The individuals with the same experience and earnings of pension can differ almost twice.

Injustice the government promises to fix it. And has even brought the formula to improve – the average salary over the last three years multiplied by individual coefficients for wages and insurance experience.

 Как будет работать пенсионная реформа в Украине

But is the equation to calculate their own future? Therefore, in the formula “retirement happiness” is the same for all is the first multiplier. This is the average salary over the last three years. And make it 3 763 USD.

Two other factor to calculate individually. To see how much you insured for, have the years spent on the job, multiplied by 1%. But the ratio of wages more difficult. The ratio of your earnings to the average in the country for the entire period of service. Figure it will help retirement calculator.

So, in one column – the average salary in the country. In the second it is necessary to introduce his salary. Will have to remember the amount which was received monthly. To calculate the future ratio will not work. No program can predict what will be the average salary in the future.

Can’t do neither the Pension Fund nor the analysts. And the increase in pensions, which is so proud of the government, may be temporary.

“Even with 35 years of experience, people with average salary will be able to receive at the time of retirement the amount of pension these 35% of base salary, which will be. It’s not a large amount of pension actually is. And that’s at the time. And then when pension will be indexed, as a rule, they are not indexed in full. There is no money, usually,” – said the expert of the Institute of demography and social studies Lydia Tkachenko.

But in order for pensions to modernize, it is necessary that the deputies still voted for the pension reform. Before the holidays they do not have time. If in September we will support the bill and it is signed by the President in October retirees will receive a modernized payments.

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