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How was supposed to end on HALLOWEEN in 2018?

We know that initially going to hire slasher “Halloween” was supposed to be different, more open ending, which, however, was not like a test group. In the end, was organized dosemki, and it, apparently, went for film promotion. High ratings from critics and viewers, as well as success at the box office it as a hint. However, it is interesting, and what a finale the writers have in store for the “Halloween” first?

In case you are still painting by David Gordon green and Danny McBride have not watched it, and from reading this article I advise you to refrain, so as not to catch spoilers.

I remember, back in the beginning of the year I have repeatedly expressed the opinion that Laurie Strode may die in the new movie. Think that was caused by the actress Jamie Lee Curtis, when he said that

This is the original story in many, many, many ways. Just a retelling of 40 years later with my granddaughter.

Thus, in the end, the baton in the battle with Michael Myers had to take a granddaughter Laurie Strode performed by young Andy Matychak. What in this case would have happened with the most Lori? Obviously, she had to die. That mourning she had prepared.

In addition, as noted by the American video blogger Dave McRae, an indirect proof of this theory can serve as footage from the first trailer. He was mounted before the reshoots, so got him some material, which later was decided not to include in the theatrical version.

For example, you can see Judy Greer overshadows Andy Matychak. I mean, Karen Strode defends his daughter Alison from the advancing Michael. By the way, McRae believes that Karen had to finish off the villain in the end, however, I find it hard to agree with this. In this case, the heroine becomes Matychak not really needed in the story, and the words Curtis about retelling the original story with her granddaughter in the lead role lose all meaning.

More likely that Myers deals Alison Strode. Laurie to this point should already be dead. Fortunately the trailer suggests how she might have died. Flashes there is a frame, which is seen as Laurie, swinging a knife, comes to grips with Michael.

The battle must have been epic. But also suicidal for our heroine. It’s just hard to imagine how you can survive in such a fight with Michael Myers.

Likely, they’d exchanged several powerful blows, and then Lori would come to an end, and severely wounded, but still terribly dangerous Myers moved would be for the rest of the girls Strode.

Anyway, I’m glad that in the end in the theatrical version was different, more powerful ending. She also leaves chance for a sequel, but an important building block on this without cliffhangers.

But most importantly, Laurie Strode survives. So, we’ll see her again in the next “Halloween”.

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