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How to whiten teeth at home: best ways

Как отбелить зубы в домашних условиях: лучшие способыCalled proven methods of home teeth whitening.

Beautiful white teeth are the dream of every girl who takes care of himself.

To make the dream a reality, it is not necessary to go to the doctor and pay for expensive procedures – it is enough to consider care of your teeth at home include bleaching procedure.

Whitening soda

Whitening baking soda is one of the oldest and proven methods of home teeth whitening.

It’s simple: mix baking soda with water so that you get the consistency of toothpaste. Brush with this mixture your teeth, then leave on for 10 minutes like a mask. Then thoroughly rinse your mouth. After 5 minutes, brush your teeth, usual toothpaste.

Important: do this procedure once every three weeks at most. It should be remembered that frequent use of baking soda can damage tooth enamel.

Whitening Apple cider vinegar

Teeth whitening Apple cider vinegar – not the most pleasant taste, but very effective procedure. The result you can see already after the first time.

Fill a quarter Cup of Apple cider vinegar – it is very important that it was natural. Next, get a small amount of fluid in your mouth but don’t swallow. Rinse your mouth for several minutes, then spit out the vinegar. In the end, rinse your mouth with warm water.

The procedure must be done 4 times a day, after which it is sufficient to repeat 1 time in 2 weeks.

Teeth whitening banana peel

Banana peel is also a great help when you want to have perfectly white teeth. First – the banana peel does not damage the enamel. Second – it is pleasant to the taste. Third – it is actually free.

Whitening procedure is simple: take a banana peel and start to “RUB it” in the enamel for 3 minutes. After that rinse teeth with warm water. Repeat the procedure 2 times a week.

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