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How to wear black stuff, not to look boring: 5 fashion tips

Как носить черные вещи, чтобы не выглядеть скучно: 5 модных советов

The black color has already become a classic, and a symbol of mourning, and a sign of protest. Him and then predict death and trying to shift from the pedestal. But in WMJ, we believe that this will never happen and suggest you refresh your knowledge in the compilation of images based on the black!


Better than total black, can only be the combination of black and all possible shades of red. Two truly fiery colors in tune with each other just fine. Besides black and red combination is definitely a win-win, to create the most fun and stylish look on the basis of solely black palette. From the latest seen us hacking liked these: red scarf, red socks, red hat, red boots or outerwear. Which of these chips to emulate — to decide for yourself.

2Экспериментируй with the texture

Glossy coats, velvet dresses, flying chiffon skirt — all this, just be sure to use to create the image in black tones. By the way! The black and the truth is several shades. For example, shiny texture gives it a bluish-black hue, and more matte — deep and rich, but transparent fabric to reduce color depth to a minimum and can turn black in graphite.

3Ищи original accessories

And we’re not just about handbags. Of course, fancy bag is able to create with in any way miracles. But do not forget about the chokers and long earrings, and a bright accessory on the clothes. For example, we offer you to decorate your favorite black sweatshirt various stripes, and he will play the other colors. However, it can be not only in color but also in shape. Unusual goggles or headpiece, even in the tone of the image, is also able to dilute it suchnot.

4He fear total look s

Somehow not prosharenny among the fashionistas of the opinion that the black total look and make their carriers in a scowl ready. But this is not so. Even if you are dressed entirely in dark clothes, you can look cool and stylish. It is important to choose really trendy models, not to wrap up in oversized sweater and sweatpants. For example, if you come out in a black tuxedo and biker boots, no one would blame you in the darkness.

5Выбирай white shoes

We started with red and finished white. But we are not talking about classic office black and white combination. We only suggest you learn to wear white shoes. White ankle boots, shoes, boots, massive shoes and of course sneakers will look very cool with a completely black things! Don’t believe? Rather thumb through the gallery to verify the authenticity of all our rules.

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