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How to walk in the ice and not fall

Как правильно ходить в гололед и не падатьGo as skiers and walkers, taking a lot of bags

Winter. Snow. Ice. In trauma full, and doctors — work above the roof.

Main patients are women in shoes with heels and bulky coats, the people “by degrees”, the old man and the scatterbrain. Orthopedist-traumatologist of the Kyiv city clinical hospital №1 Stanislav of Lisunov gave good advice to our readers, so they avoided the situation, as in the famous Soviet film: “Slipped, fell, woke up — gypsum”.

HOW TO SKI. The first thing you need to master the rules of the literacy movement in the ice. “The step should be small and frequent, the reliance on whole foot, and knees slightly bent. Keep the trunk of the body when walking, slightly tilted forward, as if you go skiing. In no case do not rush, do not run after a leaving bus. Better a little late than a month to go to the hospital with a broken arm or leg,” warns the expert.
THE EXAMPLE OF A TIGHTROPE WALKER. With feet clear. Now the hands: the one who came out of the house, sticking them in pockets, are more likely to fall after a couple steps. Minimum of a handful of people with bags in each hand. And all because he, like a tightrope Walker, balance and stronger on his feet. No bags — not a problem: on a particularly slippery areas just arms out to the side.
SKILL FALL. If it is inevitable, learn to do it correctly, then to not be excruciatingly painful. “In the fall, the muscles must not be too tight. You should not put hands in front of him as a support to the ground — you can get a distal radius fracture. Hands at this point should be pressed against his chest. In any case it is not necessary to sit down — so you can very seriously injure the sacrum — advised of Lisunov. — Avoid falling on your back is a great risk to get a compression fracture of the spine. Therefore, it is desirable that the main blow fell on the tailbone. Also danger zone — head when you are falling you can even get a fracture of the skull base. While the victim may be changes in consciousness, severe headache, nosebleeds or breathing difficulties. To avoid this, try to pull your chin to your chest when you fall backwards.”
Master Shoe repair service of household services, “Domovenok” Sergei Gerasimov is sure: in such weather it is necessary to focus not on fashion and the height of the studs through which the legs visually extended, and to protect from falls and reduce the risk to lie in plaster for a couple of months. “I recommend to choose non slip shoes with good tread. But that’s not enough: it is necessary that the material from which it is made, not doubel in the cold, otherwise no protector will not save. So before you buy shoes, try to feel the traction on the slippery floor of the store. Remember that the sole hardens in the cold and of poor quality shoes will be slippery in the cold and solid. As for the figure, it is more stable shoes with deep elements aimed in different directions. This is for better grip the icy road. If you are going to put heels, prefer made of soft polyurethane. To be sure, and you can still prosipat soles.
If quality shoes not afford, to avoid injuries during ice will help removable inner sole on the basis of quality rubber, with steel spikes. They are put on with 2 rubber loops on any shoes and do not interfere with the movement of transport, shops. In addition, these devices have no size, so to use them will be able all members of the family. Looks not very elegant, because the attachment is visible on the boot, but the risk of falling will be minimized. The price of such ice is around 100 UAH.
There are traditional methods. The most common is to stick on the sole of thick cloth or emery paper. Thus it is necessary to use a glue that does not dissolve in water. Better to stick a few small pieces to create the terrain effect. You can also smear the glue on the sole basis of tar and sprinkled with sand. Still people stick on shoes adhesive tape on a fabric basis. However, to keep this “antigonae” will be about 1-2 days.
This files most often fall on ice leads to a sprain, possibly with torn ligaments. “Manifested by intense pain, swelling, hematoma. With such an injury you need to immediately see a doctor: contact the clinic or the emergency room or call an ambulance. Specialist, if deemed necessary, appoint radiography of the damaged area and give recommendations for treatment,” said the trauma surgeon.
More on “popularity” there are bruises. The main symptoms — pain, swelling and hematoma formation. The first thing you need to the scene of the injury apply ice every hour for 15-20 minutes and apply a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory creams. Also need to see the doctor after the injury to avoid complications.
Dislocation is another option for injuries, which you can get when falling on the ice. “In this case, the deformation of the joint. Among the symptoms except pain, possible loss of sensation in fingers or foot because of nerve compression. In no case do not try to make their own reduction as this can aggravate the situation. Urgently call an ambulance,” advised the expert.

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Alas, quite often there are fractures, especially of hands: usually in the fall of man instinctively throws them forward. Falling on them, it loads the bones, ligaments and muscles beyond measure. The result is a fracture. “This is a deformity of the limbs, pain and swelling, hematoma, problems with movement, in the presence of an open fracture can occur and bleeding. To act in this case is the same as in dislocation,” emphasizes Stanislav of Lisunov.

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