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How to Wake up dad: a funny video detonated a Network

Как разбудить папу: смешная видеоинструкция взорвала СетьIf a child wants to Wake his parents, he is using any method, even if not always intentionally.

The network is gaining popularity video, where the kid, trying to Wake up daddy, stumbles and nearly falls out of bed. It was at this point dad wakes up and catches the crumbs in the leg.

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“How to Wake up daddy. Brief instruction”, signed movie famous Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski and posted it on his page in social network Instagram.

In a few hours the video was viewed more than 400 thousand users, noting in the comments that daddy had a great response.

“Wow, dad – a trained”, “well done dad quickly responded”, “dad’s not sleeping, dad’s watching,” write subscribers.

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