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How to use water to not feel thirsty

Как правильно употреблять воду, чтобы не чувствовать жаждуExperts revealed the secret of lack of thirst.

Per day a person needs an average of 2.5 liters of water. However, this does not mean you have to drink so much water, say nutritionists.

About one-third of this amount is introduced in the diet with solid food, such as bread, vegetables, and the remainder in the form of soup, different drinks, drinking water, etc, tea, fruit drinks, milk and lactic acid drinks, vegetable and fruit juices are suppliers of the body of 0.8–1 litre of liquid. In hot weather, the amount of liquid in the daily diet is necessary to increase 1-2 Cup, and in regions with a hot climate and a much greater number, says dietitian Mikhail Gurvich in the book “Nutrition for health”.

The human body more than two thirds composed of water. In the human body, having a mass of 70 kilograms, contains about 42-50 gallons of water.

Water enters all cells and tissues of our body and participates in metabolic processes. Many mineral substances enter the body with water, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, chlorine, iron, manganese, phosphorus, copper, etc.

The water demand depends on external conditions (climate, weather), intensity of physical labor, the nature of the food in the diet as a whole. In the heat in the diet should include more fresh vegetables and fruits, which are a source of moisture, organic acids, vitamins, mineral salts. For example, cucumbers, apples, plums contribute to quenching thirst. Lactic acid drinks (kefir, yogurt) also quench your thirst, especially if chilled. I believe that the most favorable temperature of drinking water is 7-12 °C. the Water of this temperature is better quenches thirst, causes increased activity of the salivary glands.

Good thirst quencher water, which added slices of lemon or acidic fruit juices; they contain organic acids (citric, malic, succinic, etc.) contribute to salivation, which reduces the dry mouth, and thirst becomes less.

Interestingly, by itself the moisture of the mouth (it is enough to rinse your mouth with water) brings temporary quenching thirst. Even better to rinse not only the mouth but also the throat.

Reduce thirst with a few SIPS of water drunk at intervals of 10 minutes. Don’t drink a lot of water! Please note that drinking water or other beverage to quench thirst not immediately, but after about 10-12 minutes, as absorption and assimilation by the body.

How best to distribute the flow of fluid in the body during the day (we are talking about a hot day)? In the morning, when relatively cool, it is advisable to drink at Breakfast 1-2 cups of tea, i.e. practically to quench your thirst, and create in the body a supply of moisture. In the afternoon, in the heat, should not be overloaded with excess fluid. At the same time in the evening, after work, you can drink the “extra” glass of weak tea, stewed fruit or yogurt.

Don’t forget the thermos! Many people think that thermos makes sense to use only to save hot first and second courses. However, using a thermos, you can save not only heat but also cool the refrigerated food, beverage. A thermos with a narrow throat can be used to preserve chilled third dishes: tea, compote, fruit drinks.

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