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How to understand that you do not have enough calcium

Как понять, что вам не хватает кальцияThere is quite a widespread myth that drinking milk for strong bones you need.

But it is not! Adults also need adequate amounts of calcium. This chemical element necessary for our health because it stabilizes blood pressure and strengthens bones.

Doctors say that people need 1,000 mg of calcium per day. It is unlikely the majority of us receives such a quantity of the chemical every day with the usual diet. Modern people consume a lot of junk food (pizza, French fries, hamburgers and foods, deep fried), so they have a constant shortage of calcium.

Doctors have called 8 signs that warn you about the lack of calcium in the body.

1. Leg cramps

If you at night you feel cramps in the legs, it is a sure sign of calcium deficiency! Make sure that you get enough amount of this chemical element from food. And stretching before bed helps to deal with the pain. Why don’t you try?!

2. Caries

Your teeth have started to deteriorate more than usual? Stop trying to blame it on sweets. When the body does not get enough calcium from food or in Supplement form, it starts to look for other sources. For example, your teeth!

3. Numbness

Like leg cramps, lack of calcium causes spasms of nerve endings in the hands. If you begin to feel numbness or tingling of the fingertips, check the content of calcium in the body.

4. Brittle nails

Just like teeth and bones, your nails contain calcium. Thus, the body with the shortage of this element will draw from them nutrients. If you don’t increase the intake of calcium, your nails will quickly become brittle and cracked!

5. Insomnia

Calcium helps the production of serotonin-the hormone of sleep. When you sleep deep sleep, the level of this chemical element in the body increases. So, if every night you have to “count sheep”, most likely, you have a calcium deficiency.

6. Poor posture

Lack of calcium makes the bones weak, which in turn leads to a weakening of the entire body. Your body responds to this weakness by slouching. And bad posture leads to back pain and neck!

7. Fainting

Calcium is necessary for normal muscle contraction and release of neurotransmitters. Thus, a deficiency of this element can cause seizures, fainting and seizures even in a healthy person.

8. Bad memory

Again can’t find the remote? Lack of calcium in the body quite often causes neurological symptoms such as memory loss and even hallucinations!

Have you noticed such signs? If you find yourself something similar, start eating more dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, seafood and green leafy vegetables. And more physical activity!

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