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How to understand that the body lacks iron

Как понять, что в организме не хватает железаThe human body has a very complex structure and function.

One of the important roles in the life of the body is iron.

Blood is the substance contained in the amount of 70 % of the total supply of the body, while 30 % are part of the so-called nagimovich units: protein molecules, enzymes, cell structures.

About how important it is to maintain a normal hemoglobin level (must be a sufficient amount of iron in the body), they know everything. After all, the iron in our body is responsible for the delivery of oxygen to all organs and the removal therefrom of carbon dioxide. But how to understand, normally your hemoglobin, if the doctor does not get? Here are 10 signs of iron deficiency in the body, which should alert you.



If you sleep the usual amount of hours, but I feel more tired if you start to feel sleepy in the afternoon, if even at the weekend, sleep, you do not feel the tidal forces is a red flag.


You read the recipe, went to the fridge to get the right foods, and understand that you can’t remember half of the list? You will often find that they came into the office of a colleague, but forgot what you wanted to ask? You are watching a movie, but half an hour later could tell the friend what is he? Run to the doctor.

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This strange word means occasional irresistible desire to eat something inedible. Chalk, earth, sand — whatever. If you are not pregnant (as such things are in the normal range), then appealing to the taste of the flower bed should alert you.

SHORTNESS of breath

Caught the bus and then half an hour could not breathe in, swallow the air, felt dizzy? These are signs of iron deficiency and low hemoglobin!


Aristocratic pallor is fashionable, but there is still white from the nature of the people. To check that there was no danger, just: if after a workout in the gym or after any other physical activity your cheeks blush — all right. But if you remain marble-white — it’s time to sound the alarm.


You probably know the pain that occurs after more intense exercise. But the lack of iron, these pains can occur “out of the blue”. So if you spent all day on the couch, and the next morning feel like I was unloading trucks — submit to a blood test.


Even the most stylish manicure will not help to hide thin, brittle nails, if you have a lack of iron in the body. Quite dangerous if you noticed depression and legkoobratimy indentations on the nails.

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Low hemoglobin can cause frequent colds. Stop blaming the counterpart, which includes air conditioning and check your health!


If you can’t sit at the table quietly, and constantly shift from one foot to the other and back again, twist them into a rope, moving closer and further away, think about it: it’s one of the symptoms of iron deficiency!


It’s hot outside and you still are? You can’t sleep because they can’t get warm? This should not be!

Attention! If you smoke, iron is almost always normal or even increased. The reason is simple: the body, suffering from smoke enhances the production of hemoglobin. But that doesn’t mean that everything is in order! When meeting with a nicotine cells hemoglobin deteriorate, and can no longer transport oxygen. But the blood test cannot distinguish between a working hemoglobin molecule from idle, so there may be an elevated hemoglobin level, but in fact you miss him so much! So be sure to tell your doctor that you smoke.

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