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How to survive winter vagaries of nature

Как пережить зимние капризы природыWeather and then flows into the extremes, from cold to warm spring-like days and Vice versa.

Such changes cannot fail to affect our body. Sudden changes in temperature and pressure in winter is no less dangerous than the summer heat.

Today 10, tomorrow 10, the day after the magnetic storm, the Body has no time to adapt to temperature and other changes. Women are more sensitive to weather changes than men, and in the “risk group” – those who are prone to suspiciousness, fearfulness, emotional stress, has problems with heart and blood vessels, leads a sedentary lifestyle.

Your body responds to weather changes poor health? Do not worry, meteopathy is not a death sentence, if you learn how to resist weather trouble.

Health in the thaw

Some bad in the cold, while others complain, on the contrary, an increase in temperature. This is the explanation: when a sharp warming decreases the atmospheric pressure in the air decreases the amount of oxygen. Those who suffer from cardiovascular and pulmonary ailments need to spend more time outdoors. Useful and breathing exercises, tonics, vitamins C, PP, group B.

The effect of temperature changes on pressure

One of the most common reasons for the deterioration of the health of meteo-dependent people, changes in atmospheric pressure. Sudden climate changes primarily have a negative impact on the health of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Their health is deteriorating due to lower atmospheric pressure, forcing the vessels to operate with the increased load.
According to changes in atmospheric pressure, our own becomes lower or higher.

This process occurs due to the baroreceptors, which are located in the blood vessels. In a healthy person they can easily adapt to what is happening, but weather-sensitive – unfortunately, will cope with this task not as good as I would like. When atmospheric pressure increases, the baroreceptors are not just to increase pressure and provoke him jump. As a result, the human headache, nausea and flashing “flies” before the eyes. These sensations are sometimes joined by a light fever. With a decrease in atmospheric pressure in weather-sensitive people the same reaction: first, they are the arterial baroreceptors reduce performance, but at a certain point body it seems that these values become too low, which he immediately provokes their sharp increase.

What can help?

Eliminate from your diet foods that increase blood pressure: coffee, fish and meat broths, strong tea, carbonated beverages, beans and peas.
Do not overeat. The diet is better to put fish and vegetable dishes, while eating plenty of greens.
Moderate physical activity, refrain from hard work. Try to unload this day.
Sleep disturbances take sedatives (motherwort tincture or Valerian). However, the best remedy for “weather insomnia” is a tablet of melatonin, accepted on the night.

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Escape from the cold

Pathogenic bacteria and viruses aktiviziruyutsya during warming, but not in extreme cold. High humidity reduces the body’s resistance to disease. Therefore, at this time it is easier to catch the flu or colds which may be complicated by bronchitis, and increases the incidence of pneumonia.

To avoid this, stick to simple rules.

Dress warm enough to not have lost, but don’t overdo it so as not to overheat. Try not to get your feet wet.
At the time of discard cigarettes or smoke less.
Cyclone causes a decrease in atmospheric pressure, causing the oxygen content in the air decreases. Because of this, the breathing difficult even in a healthy person, to say nothing of patients with bronchial asthma. Because the main rule of asthma these days — don’t forget the inhaler.

Help joints

People with diseased joints are acutely react to the slightest change in the weather. Warming or cold along with high humidity will adversely affect their condition. In the case of using warming ointments and bandages made of natural wool, you can get rid of the pain at least for a while.

The risk of falls

Thaw threatens to ice, causing the emergency rooms fill up with people with injuries, fractures and concussion. In addition, the hospital receives victims from falling from the roof icicles and ice. The increasing number of road accidents as on a slippery road, the car slow down and maneuver with great difficulty. Advice – go slowly, away from buildings and watch your step. You need to give preference to non-slip shoes with flat soles.

Weather and appearance

“Weather sickness”, as a rule, affect our external appearance. To regain vitality, treat yourself to a bath with essential oils of lavender or eucalyptus. Sign up in the pool – the water relaxes, mobilizes protective forces. If Sunny days for some time is not issued, you can go to the Solarium – an artificial sun a little make up for the deficiency of vitamin D, but don’t overdo it. Beneficial effects and visiting baths or saunas.

How to cope with meteonevroz

In addition to acute illness, meteozavisimosti is the psychological factor. Many in cloudy, wet weather never not in the mood, everything goes wrong. This phenomenon is called meteonevroz. To counteract this trouble, try to “put protection” with you happy fun. Communicate more with those you love. Create a house comfort, convenience: cover the window, light bulb warm shades. If you have to be on the street, try to notice the pleasant and beautiful reflection of trees in a wet glass, interestingly dressed looking people.

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Any natural disasters affect the mental state of the person. Due to abnormal atmospheric pressure some people become somnambulists. Others, on the contrary, appears inexplicable aggression. For these people it is especially important to learn to relax after a hard day. Available choose based on your preferences: meditation, yoga, auditory training, walking before bed.

Try these days to pull myself together and not to quarrel with anyone, as stress will only exacerbate the painful condition. Those who these days feels the aggression, nervousness and agitation, not to get behind the wheel, to plan in a serious manner or to perform hazardous work.

Some foods will help with meteozavisimosti

In these days your stomach is not in full force and effect: production of digestive enzymes is reduced. Now you will be especially useful juices from fresh vegetables and fruits, mineral water without gas. And seafood, fresh milk, canned apricots and raisins, dishes of beans, apples and carrots. The best solution if you feel unwell – steamed vegetables, steamed. And from “junk food” (fatty meat, sugary muffins, chips, smoked) now should be abandoned.

Useful tea from the stress

To warn of meteorological stress, the first symptoms drink strong tea with honey – it will help relieve stress and improve health. Can add rose hips, hawthorn, or other berries and herbs. For example, tea with fragrant balm cleanses the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. Goes well with Linden and passion flower.

To prepare for “difficult days”, watch the weather forecasts. If they promise for tomorrow-and unfavorable conditions, try not to plan for the day responsibility, and the day before a good night’s sleep. And if it’s a day off, let yourself take a NAP after lunch and no job on a lot of commercial cases. Try not to overdo it and do not expose yourself to stress, to avoid excessive physical exertion (however simple 15 minute charging will benefit).

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