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How to stop snoring: 7 effective tips

Как перестать храпеть: 7 действенных советовYour snoring wakes up the whole house and even the dog runs to save the host from the unknown monster? It is time to solve the problem.

It’s not even in the care of others: in fact, snoring leads to pretty serious health complications. According to the world health organization, the most common snoring increases the risk of heart attack by as much as 43%. Today we will tell you what to do to forget about the snoring as a nightmare.

Change posture

Snoring often pursues those who prefer to sleep on their backs. Just the language is closer to the throat and blocks normal circulation of air, hence the sound. To solve the problem is easy enough to train yourself to sleep on your side.

High pillow

Another solution is to raise the upper part of the bed or just put under his head more pillows. In this position, air circulation doesn’t matter.

A doctor

Sometimes without going to the physician do not work. Lung diseases, colds and even allergies interfere with normal breathing, a person begins dreaming mouth breathing — hence the snoring.


I’m sorry, but obesity is almost the most common cause of snoring. Throat area is quite delicate and even a small amount of excess fat prevents it from functioning correctly. Do some sport!

Dry air

Sometimes the easiest solution to the problem of snoring is to buy a humidifier. Dry air is irritating to the respiratory system, and the dust is a strong allergen. Ventilate the room, it should help.

Enough of medicines

Almost any hypnotics and sedatives relaxes the muscle tissue, so SIP can’t fully open and to ensure normal access of air. Accustom to do without the crutches and the problem will go away. By the way, alcohol at night, too, should be abandoned, he acts about as well.


Do you still smoke? Nicotine acts as a constant irritant, which develop a chronic inflammatory reaction in the nasopharynx. Throw, it’s not worth it.

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