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How to stop snoring: 3 simple tips

Как избавиться от храпа: 3 простых советаCauses of snoring and methods of getting rid of him.

During sleep the muscles of the tongue and soft palate relax, prevent breathing, causing snoring.

If snoring keeps you normally sleep, it’s time to change something. While it is not necessary to sound the alarm and solve the problem surgically. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Will be enough to take a few effective way in the home.

The main causes of snoring
During sleep the muscles of the tongue and soft palate relax, prevent breathing, causing snoring.

It is noted that most of the snoring occurs in men, overweight people and those who smoke.

In addition, the tonsils can also obstruct breathing during sleep, large adenoids, and a deviated septum of the nose may cause snoring, especially in children. Also, snoring may be when polyps in the nose after trauma, disorders of occlusion.

Treatment of snoring in the home

Change the way of life.

To stop snoring, you need not only to do something, but something not to do, too. For example, quit Smoking, limit alcohol consumption and to change to a healthy diet.

Weight loss.

If the reason for snoring is extra weight, the loss of such “baggage” to sleep at night will be quieter. So do not neglect properly chosen diet and exercise. Less fried and greasy, more fresh vegetables and fruits, and more activity.


Most often snoring occurs in a person who sleeps on his back, experts say. So you should train yourself to sleep in a different position, for example, on the side.

It is also important to provide the raised position during sleep, it will reduce the tongue. In addition, the outflow of fluid to the lower part of the body leads to less swelling of the mucosa of the nasopharynx, increases its clearance, breathing easier.

If at home you cannot get rid of the “noisy” sleep, you need to refer to the otolaryngologist or sleep.

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