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How to stay warm in the winter on the street and at home: simple tips

Как не замерзнуть зимой на улице и дома: несложные советыI want to be healthy 365 days a year, in any season and weather.

But to get sick in winter in the midst of the holidays as something special offensively. And, unfortunately, natural.

So don’t forget to regularly feed your immune system with fresh fruits and vegetables. And avoid hypothermia. Especially at home, where even the “harmless” a draft can turn into much larger problems. And how better to keep warm the body and the home, find out below.

1. Start the day with a hot

Often sacrifice their Breakfast for the sake of saving time and a lonely Cup of coffee? In winter this habit better quit. Hungry because the body is weakened body, and he freezes much faster. And the risk of catching all sorts of nasty things in public transport increases significantly. To keep warm and fighting spirit of the body, starting the day with hot, nutritious food. Of course, not potatoes with sausage. But a serving of warm oatmeal with honey or rice pudding would be very helpful. And yogurt supplies for lunch.

2. Layer on!

What is warmer: a tight jacket on top of a thin Golf or the jacket is not so solid, but under which hide the sweater and shirt? We mustn’t keep him guessing: “cabbage” always wins. Because each layer of clothing is a hurdle that does not allow your heat to dissipate under the influence of cold from outside. And, therefore, do not be lazy to use that little trick in the winter. But, of course, the ideal has not been canceled: “cabbage” in the company of a warm jacket.

3. Mom’s advice

Surely most of us had a child the more rebellious, who persistently ignore my mother’s comments in the spirit of “wear a hat” and “don’t forget the gloves”. Or he removed the hateful accessories in the stairwell entrance. But mom was right. The problem is not only cold in the ears: the brain does not perceive that the body is warm, if cold limbs. No matter how fancy was your jacket. So don’t hesitate, put on a hat. And don’t forget gloves.

4. Happy feet!

As follows from the previous paragraph, without warm shoes in winter – anywhere. At least, don’t forget to insulate the “desistance” dense insoles. And as a maximum, some craftsmen suggest just before going out to warm up the shoes with a hair dryer for a minute or two. And immediately put on shoes. With good seams and one-piece sole effect will last a long time. In an extreme case – to reach the subway.

5. Declare war on draughts

The drafts in the apartment – invisible (literally) the enemy of your health in winter and summer. But the problem can be solved quickly and low cost. Make special well. For example, use a pair of nylon stockings and two thin roll of leftover Wallpaper. For this purpose, suitable cardboard “sleeve” from the posters, and in some cases will fit even the rolls of foil or film. Cut from stockings one stocking, he put both rolls and place under the door, as pictured. A draft will not work! And the door will open and close without problems.

6. Speaking of doors…

The most simple advice that will help to keep warmth in the house – close the door. Don’t let the heat “for a walk” on the housing. Yes, we were warned that it would be easy.

7. Freedom battery!

Table, sofa or chair directly in front of the battery – a typical “design”-the solution to almost every house. But in winter, it is better to give up and do a little rearrangement. Let the way to the battery will be cleared. As precious heat will not interfere with large pieces of furniture, taking it onto his own “heated”.

8. Cover your floor

Carpets was not invented for no reason. And to make it warmer. And they are very relevant in a modern interior. Just don’t hang them on the wall…

9. A warm bed

Freeze even under two warm blankets? A typical situation for many apartments in our area. And the decision knew even our grandmothers: just go to bed… with a heating pad. Warm, cozy and the effect will last at least a few hours.

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