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How to spend the money the people of the USSR. Photo

На что тратили деньги жители СССР. ФотоAbout these things dreamed of almost everything.

In our age of abundance and diversity it is easy to buy any thing – equipment, furnishings, cars and even homes. For those who have difficulty with large sums of money, to the aid of a variety of credits, loans and installments. And in the Soviet Union to find scarce things was very difficult, and they had to save, putting some money from each paycheck.

One good thing – the prices were changing very rarely, so it was possible to collect the accumulation for a long period of time without worrying that the cost of goods will increase. What was the subject of the dreams of Soviet citizens? They meticulously and methodically set aside savings?


На что тратили деньги жители СССР. Фото

“Keep the money in a savings Bank”, – said a character in a famous movie. So in the USSR and received. The savings account had in every second family. Often they were even several. Depending on income level, it could lie dozens, hundreds or thousands of rubles. On passbook saving money on the purchase, a family celebration or just for a rainy day.

A small amount set aside for the transistor or the bike. Average deposits were intended for the purchase of the Czech headset, refrigerator or wool blend carpet. The most significant savings was for the purchase of a car or membership in a cooperative.


На что тратили деньги жители СССР. Фото

The car was the most popular item, which saved the people of the USSR. In importance it was even more important than the apartment, because it was a chance to get free, but the car was only bought for the earned money. However, the right to buy had to be earned.

Stood in line for 7-10 years, and get to it could not everyone. Most often they were formed into companies and followed them representatives of trade Union committees. There was and unspoken laws – for example, the plant engineer had a lot more chances of getting a car than an employee of the Institute or employee of the trade. Pensioners and representatives of several professions you couldn’t buy cars.

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In the mid-80’s car prices have ranged in the serious range. The most accessible was “ZAZ-968M” – it cost 5600 roubles, and most expensive “GAS-24”, which had to pay 11200 rubles. The average salary at that time was around 180-200 rubles.

Defend the place, and accumulated a required amount, people receive postcards from the shop and went to pick up my long-awaited “swallow”.


На что тратили деньги жители СССР. Фото

The carpet in the apartment of Soviet citizens combines several functions. He adorned a wall retains heat, creating extra noise insulation was a sign of prosperity in the family. Sometimes he was hiding the lack of Wallpaper or their shortcomings. If on the wall hung a carpet, and on the table was a crystal it was possible to safely assume that life is good.

На что тратили деньги жители СССР. Фото

The best was considered the carpets from Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and Dagestan. Drove them from abroad – from Poland, Germany. The product is made of natural wool can be purchased for 60-80 rubles, with an average income of 120 rubles. The most valuable was the carpet with long and thick hair. Colors were different, but the design is identical – in the center of a major figure, he went repeating patterns and contrast piping at the edge of the product.

Carpets, too, stood in queues. The more prestigious and richer was the carpet, the harder it was to buy it.

Crystal chandelier

На что тратили деньги жители СССР. Фото

Large crystal chandelier with lots of suspension elements, horns and parts was a sign of affluence, good taste and the availability of useful contacts. Chandelier of Bohemian glass was a real chic at the time. These chandeliers valued, they boasted.

Periodically, this piece of furniture could be dismantled and washed, and then carefully restored. In Soviet families, it was a ritual to which every one put his hand.

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Color TV

На что тратили деньги жители СССР. Фото

Every Soviet family wanted to have a TV. The best option was a large, colored “ruby-714”. The TV was always in short supply. In line behind him rose an average of 3 years. Black-and-white TV was worth in the 80-ies from 200 rubles, depending on its class.

На что тратили деньги жители СССР. Фото

So was the average wage at the time. Color TV “Youth” can be purchased for 430 rubles, 450-470 rubles – a portable model of “electronics”. Tube color TV cost 700 rubles.


На что тратили деньги жители СССР. Фото

Beautiful sets for 12 people was a source of pride in an average Soviet family. They were exhibited on the table on major holidays and only for our dear guests. The most popular was the service “Madonna”. Imported from overseas, these sets came into the thrift shop. And then – in the sideboards of the Soviet people.

На что тратили деньги жители СССР. Фото

Interestingly, the quality of the images and the stories themselves left much to be desired, but the service was the epitome of sophistication and elegance to an era. Most often, the service set for glass doors – to keep the dust out, but it was all visible.

The “wall” of Yugoslavia

На что тратили деньги жители СССР. Фото

These cabinets – a kind of symbol of that time. They saved money and stood in line. And if the “wall” was able to acquire the happy owners managed to put her even in the smallest apartment. To be the owner of the Yugoslav furniture is very prestigious. The quality, appearance and functionality of the “wall” was on top, which added to their value in the eyes of Soviet citizens.

На что тратили деньги жители СССР. Фото

Mink hat as a sign of wealth.

Also in the USSR people wanted to buy Finnish bathroom fixtures, refrigerators “Minsk,” the vacuum cleaner “Typhoon”. Saving money on jewelry, watches, French perfumes, radiograms and mink hats.

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