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How to sell weapons in the beginning of the last century


First of all, we sincerely thank our valued customers for your attention and trust that they have so generously donated last year. We’re proud and happy to engage in a new edition of our catalog the necessity of which in a huge number shows us the gigantic development of our business.

We feel the right proud of the successes that are required to the adopted rule to watch carefully for the high quality items we offer and to fulfill faithfully all kinds of demands of our customers.

Since the sale of guns by our “Trading House” provides compelling proof that our principles consistently applied on a business, gaining the trust of the public. Successful case management for twenty-three years gives us an opportunity to further expand the circle of our reality and get ready for the new season. Possible a diverse selection of guns of all systems and accessories at different prices.

Our Trading House has always chosen for the introduction in Russia of the subjects recognized exemplary according to the rule that the best thing will always be the cheapest. We sell the most reliable gun for a very cheap price.

Keeping in mind the growing number of our customers, we are now more prepared than ever, stocks of guns and can satisfy any desire of the public to taste each one, giving the best that you can have for a certain amount.

Now we have accepted the sole Agency for the whole of Russia (now the “exclusive distributor”. — Ed.) guns and revolvers of the French arms manufacture in St. Etienne, and we consider it our duty to draw the special attention of gentlemen hunters on a gun of this manufacture, is characterized as affordable, as well, and the high quality of the material and elegance work.

Gun a system “Ideal” are distinguished by extreme simplicity of design and easy handling; the price is in undoubted strength and other advantages are readily available. All of these conditions, taken together, gave the system considerable demand in all European markets, as well as outside the continent.

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Our long-standing practice and our staff, like many hunters and experts on weapons prompted us to pay attention to the guns of the Partnership Leiskau manufactory, for which the last hunting exhibition in St. Petersburg, the Partnership has awarded the highest award — a Large silver medal.

Offer samples of the guns of the Partnership executed on special our order, they are quite suitable for all sorts of hunting, so they can safely recommend to hunters. All the guns are made very durable, and fit parts remarkably accurate, while their prices in comparison with English, you can say very cheap.

Inexperienced persons who are struggling on choosing guns, we are ready to provide the most comprehensive information on this. It is desirable that the buyer have carefully read our “Guide to the orders” set out ahead of the text “Preis-Courant”.

Some customers, demanding immediate expulsion of the guns, put sometimes “Trading House” in a quandary as immediate dispatch in the middle of the season almost impossible, and under this condition there will be no time for a thorough inspection and proper packaging of the gun. Therefore, we advise persons intending to discharge the gun, not to delay the order.

Reiterating the venerable public my gratitude for the kind attention, we will continue to strictly adhere to the principle of “Trading House”, putting the interests of the gentlemen clients, which we attributed to the successful development of our company (respect to the buyer and interest in it! — Ed.)

For a possible expansion of our trade we do for the officers and to persons serving in government institutions, preferential installments, without raising prices, showing us the proper uniform of a guarantee from the Lord treasurers, signed by the individuals commanding.

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The conditions under this are: when you buy should pay a quarter of the cost amount of the order, and the rest must be paid within the next six months in equal installments. The form on which you want to bring a bail attached.

Something about guns with steel barrels. In recent years much campaigning in favor of the steel barrels of shotguns, despite the fact that all in good faith, the experiments show the superiority of Damashkevich trunks good quality. The following should be considered stems from vitorovic steel, molded in a liquid state, whereas cast steel Siemens and other varieties showed his unfitness as a barrel material.

For the Rifleman, of course, very profitable to use steel shafts. First, they are much cheaper; second, choose a couple of these trunks is not the difficulties, how to pick up a few Damashkevich the same pattern and free from stains, chernavina and flawed welds; thirdly, steel trunks can be firmly and soon to be painted within a few hours, whereas bronirovka takes a week and requires great experience.

There is no doubt that the newly improved method of manufacturing steel makes this metal of excellent quality, but the question is applicable whether it is steel, whatever virtues she may possess, to the manufacture of shotguns, remains completely open, and able to solve alone the many years the diverse experience and meticulous research.

While it is possible to say with certainty that even very, very far for rifles with steel barrels the time when they will be anything like dangerous opponents for a long time and everywhere experienced, having attained a world fame guns with demoskopie trunks.

P. S. All contained in the directory just fine. Where today can you find such touching concern for the buyer?

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