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How to save on auto parts

Как можно сэкономить на запчастях для автоThe easiest way to spend less on car maintenance is the use of less expensive supplies. Is it possible to save on parts for machines in Ukraine? Let’s deal.

Is it possible to save the original parts?

Genuine parts are the most expensive group in this product category. Despite the fact that such produce is the logo of a certain car company actually made the parts of individual manufacturers on special order. After the auto is brand brand, for example BMW or Audi, the price of units grows almost by 30-50%.

That is, for example, if the cost of brake pads is equal to 1200 UAH. then the detail which is missing the logo of the manufacturer, will cost customers in the 700-900 UAH. Hence, the first solution that comes to mind when considering options on how you can save on the original spare parts for cars, is to buy parts directly from their manufacturers. Information about selection and acquisition of these units for your auto you can get a HUNDRED from an authorized dealer.

Is it worth buying aftermarket parts to save money?

The quality of the aftermarket parts somewhat worse compared to the original parts. This is due to the fact that the latest manufacturing technology is protected by patents. Therefore, the third-party manufacturers could create an analogue, they need to make at least minimal changes in the product model for its legal production. The differences can be expressed in the selected material, different approach to the technical process and other small things.

The final version of such products, when compared with the above brake pads will cost about 500 UAH. That is, in principle, in order to save to buy aftermarket parts. Most importantly, pondering how to save on auto parts, come to think about buying fakes. These details can normally last from 2 weeks to 2 months, ensuring a constant risk to your life while riding.

How not to fall for a fake?

Как можно сэкономить на запчастях для авто

Counterfeit products primarily produces packaging. Suspicion you should call the differences between inscriptions and logo on the bag or box in which is Packed the products from the characteristic of manufacturer of style. Can be viewed online for comparison. Also a fake will give a noticeable roughness, cracks, and burrs on the workpiece surface and the apparent irregularities in the geometry of the products.

Don’t forget to demand from the vendor a certificate of quality products. If it is missing, it means that the goods are fake.

How can I save money when buying filters, oil, parts for suspension and brake systems?

The best option is to visit the website ZAPCHASTI.RIA.COM. Next compare the variety of models and acquire the best option in terms of price/condition. However, how to save money on car parts like filters, suspension parts, etc.?

Provide a few basic recommendations in this area:

  • Shouldn’t skimp on the filters, or soon will have to spend many times more on addressing global technical challenges. It is not recommended to purchase products cheaper by 5-10$.
  • Buy a cheap oil can, but do it only in trusted network, or corporate points, otherwise you risk to get fakes, which contribute to accelerated wear of the engine.
  • The savings on the details of the suspension would be conditional, as cheap parts of this profile will survive only a few months. Consequently, in a short time will have to pay the same amount.
  • If we talk about the braking system, are in one voice can say what you need to prefer only the original products. No alternatives, otherwise, obviously, than all can end, not to mention rapid wear and tear.
  • As you understand, on the above points to save you better. But at the body parts of the Finance it is possible to hold a little. Most importantly, make sure everything is perfect exact fit to the shape and size.

    Thus, we can summarize the following result. The best option to save money on parts considered purchasing aftermarket parts directly from the manufacturers and not the manufacturers. A good solution would be to buy aftermarket products, but this category is better to give preference to less important parts of the car. Well, about buying fakes is not even worth considering, despite the attractively low prices.

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