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How to run: five important rules

Как правильно бегать: пять важных правилImportant information for beginners.

Usually after a rapid rush to start running, we are faced with internal resistance. During the first runs pricks in the side, sore feet, breathing strays, and a tempting idea to drop this ridiculous notion of constantly distracting from the process. Familiar? Then move on to the simple and useful items that will help you not to quit after the start of the training.

Fighting spirit, a bit of enthusiasm and proper technique are the main helpers for those who want to start running regularly. Olga Sukhova, wellness coach, founder BeautyCamp and author of a fitness program telling them how not to quit after the start of the training.

So, why running has become one of the most popular sports in the world? View on research data and experience of millions of fans running:

People engaged in Jogging, can live on average 3 years longer. Daily 10-minute jog reduces the risk of premature death, a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

In addition to strengthening the overall muscles of the body, Jogging increases the metabolism in the body and thus helps to control body weight and helps prevent and eliminate cellulite. On average, 1 minute of running burned 10 calories.

Running allows you to establish a rhythm the endocrine and nervous systems and gives us the feeling of “runners euphoria” — as a special psychological lift, similar to a slight intoxication, in which the athletes become more resistant to pain and fatigue during exercise.

1. Walking at the start. Let your body get used to the routine gradually. Start with intense walks along the selected route, look at the terrain and visualize yourself running. Useful for newcomers to alternate walking and running – for example, 4 minutes walking and 2 minutes running at a comfortable pace. The best choice will be slow Jogging 3 times a week, increasing to 4-5 times as desired. And you don’t want to travel long distances to gain distance professionals focus on no more than 10% per week.

2. The selection of equipment. At the beginning of the training, a question can still be solved, choosing a convenient and suitable clothes in your wardrobe, but with shoes it is better to prepare more seriously. Often the wrong selection of shoes prevents even the most persistent beginners, provoking back pain, knee or ankle. Not to be among the martyrs, pay attention to the width of the model, the support elevations of the sole and its type – at normal weight it’s better not to dwell on the variant with a powerful heel and steep depreciation. And most importantly — the amount of Jogging sneakers should be with a small margin, then the toes will feel at ease, and you get pleasure from Jogging.

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3. The emphasis on technique. To learn how to run properly is not less important than to train yourself to run regularly. Better less, but without errors. Now explain why this is so and how to come to harmony in rhythm and movement.

Pulling the leg forward, try to first land on the front part of the foot under the center of gravity, not in front of him. Then control the landing the whole foot with the final touch of the surface of the heel. This will prevent knee injuries and avoid pain in the foot.

Keep your back straight, shoulders down and relax, they should not actively participate in the process of running. Don’t wag their hips and not throwing them back, slightly tighten the press, and the arms bend at the elbow at a right angle.

Try to run gracefully and easily, leaving a loud thud and a massive plywanie behind the scenes. Focus on short steps and don’t jump up and down, as if happily you were not Jogging.

Do not forget about breathing. It is important to synchronize it with your steps, it will affect the duration and speed of running. Universal scheme there is important to maintain a consistent rhythm.

Always remember warm-up and hitch. The first will help you not to overstrain the ligaments and keep the ankles and knee joints, and the second to dispense with the delayed onset muscle soreness the next day. Before the run, pay attention to warming up the back muscles and the press, and in the end stretch the muscles of the foot, the back of the thigh and lower leg.

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Running is not computer work, so do not lean forward and look down and straight ahead – sometimes even on a familiar route, you can see something new and motivating.

4. Useful variety. We all have moments when good results are still to come, and to indulge in something I want here and now. For such cases, we can advise sources of additional motivation. Can’t put aside the smartphone, even while Jogging? Then let it work for you – try one of the special apps for running and track your progress. This will help to be aware of his speed and route card, to view the history of runs and compare your results.

To escape from the pesky thoughts, to drown out the road noise and not pay attention to weather conditions help music. It blocks the impulses of fatigue and tension, raises spirits and sets the rhythm. Playlist with your favorite tracks can be alternated with the special collections for outdoor Jogging, just do not do music too loud – set a safe level that will allow you to react to street sounds. Music selections are often based on trending tracks this year popular motivational mixes.

5. Food to help. An hour before you can eat something light and carbohydrate, but directly pre-workout food is better to abstain. It is important to drink water after a workout and on hot summer days it will be good to take it with me. And as much as no appetite, do not rush immediately after the run to compensate for the loss of calories.

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Running is great and it’s never too late. Doing them regularly can really improve health and lose weight, but only under the condition of safety techniques and judgment, based on personal data. The main thing that it was not traumatic, kept in good shape and fun.

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