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How to reverse the brain drain from Russia?

Как повернуть вспять «утечку мозгов» из России?

QUESTION: are There any plans for the return of scientists that left Russia and living and working abroad? How are You going to do?

S. S. SULAKSHIN: of Course there is. For this you need to recreate the culture and context of science in the country. Need to recover three sets: academia, University science and industrial science.

You will be surprised, but in Putin’s budget NO expenditure on science! On the economy, defense, health care, village and more there is, and science is not. It’s sealed in the structure of each budget areas: R & d, total expenditure and investment, and an integral amount, as numbers are assigned, controlled, and showing how the regime relates to issues of science in our country, no!

It is not accidentally hidden. Need to return to the state the responsibility for the scientific development of the country. And then those who are left fascinated by creativity, scientific work, in their home port will return.

And here they will wait for new relations in society, respect for the work of the scientist, the prestige of highly intellectual creative labor and corresponding wages.

We have already mentioned that the wage Fund in GDP will be increased up to two times. Allocations for science will be more.

Restored state science policy. And in the power of scientists will increase, and crooks, corrupt officials and businessmen diminish. That’s the way we scientists and will begin to return.

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