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How to replace the corrugation of the muffler itself

Как заменить гофру глушителя самомуYour car makes a noise like a rustic tractor? To return to the old sound the car alone: it is enough to replace the corrugation muffler of your “iron horse”.

Stages of replacement: what to consider?

How to replace the corrugation on the muffler? You must perform the following steps in the order described below:

  • To choose a suitable corrugation, examining previously used in the muffler vibrocompactor;
  • To dismantle the old groove, without damaging the exhaust system;
  • Finally, to correctly install the new one.

    We have collected the simple instructions of handyman and professional mechanics that told how to replace the flute with his hands and showed a video of various nuances. Let’s consider the stages in more detail.

    The choice of the buckle for replacement

    To start, determine the type of the corrugation. In modern cars this is a universal part of the exhaust system can be installed vertically or horizontally.

  • In the case of vertical installation, referred to as corrugation reinforced. In the course of operation it works by compressing and straightening to perform their job function. Is the component under the exhaust manifold. The parameters of such corrugations is not more than 150 mm in length; internal diameter of 65 mm. corrugation Yours mounted vertically? Look identical in size and detail.
  • When installed horizontally the ribs, fibrecomposite occurs due to the bending, not compression and extension. Detail is usually installed in the first pipe elbow, if counting from the engine. With the same range of diameters (up to 65 mm) corrugations of this type can reach 400 mm in length. But the choice of the replacement exercise, starting from two parameters. First – the possibility of welding: if we can cut current seam so that the pipe sections included in the pipes remained intact? If Yes, then take the previous corrugation length. If not, depending on the size of the cut, its length should exceed the old 2-3 cm . Second option: the geometry of the front pipe. Calculate if we can have more of an oblong corrugation.
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    The dismantling of the old flutes

    Как заменить гофру глушителя самому

    Be careful and be sure to learn the rules of working with Jack if the answer to the question “where to replace the corrugation muffler” you have decided to spend all the work in the garage. During dismantling, proceed as follows:

  • Lift the car, secure it and remove the protection (if any) that prevent removal of the exhaust manifold;
  • Remove the exhaust manifold. Remove the nuts from the studs of the manifold and disconnect the exhaust pipe;
  • With grinder get rid of old flutes. Ideally should not damage the exhaust pipe and flange, trying to remove only the weld metal.
  • If you have trouble bring down the remaining old weld with a chisel.

    Installation of new corrugations: the methods of welding and without

    Many motorists that do not have a welding machine, ask the question: how to replace the corrugation muffler without welding? Note that in an attempt to save time and money, the motorist takes on the risk associated with doubtful reliability “garage” methods. Possible, of course, carefully weld a new corrugation to the tube, trying.

    Как заменить гофру глушителя самому

    Some fans have the pipe in place, then grab the corrugation 1-2 points of welding. Then remove and scald detail around the perimeter, eliminating unnecessary holes. Others first all-welded one connection, and then try and cook a little longer the second.

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    At your own risk, light 2 ways that do not require welding, using clamps (relatively reliable) or elastic bandage (extreme temporary measure, serving for the winding of the buckle is broken):

  • When you try to homothety flute, make gentle Napili along the first welded pipes – they allow more densely to plant detail. Pull the corrugation in place and properly crimp.
  • If possible, drive in the near future to service not, impregnate with drugstore elastic bandage with epoxy, driving the car to the hole and tightly wrap the old broken groove. Highly not recommended to use this antiquated method for over a month, because sooner or later the winding will lose soundproofing, and the problem will not be forthcoming.

    What is the result? Act according to circumstances

    Of course, self-change is better done by welding. But, for obvious reasons, this is not always possible, so it’s best to be armed with provisional measures in cases of emergency, than not knowing them at all.

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