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How to remove facial swelling for 15 minutes

Как снять отеки лица за 15 минут The experts gave an unexpected hint.

Experts suggested how to quickly get rid of the bags under the eyes and other signs of facial swelling.

Many women regularly face this problem, like swelling of the face. Waking up in the morning and looking at yourself in the mirror, a woman can be upset by the fact that her face was swollen, there were bags under the eyes, upper eyelids almost closed eyes, swollen nose and so on.

Causes of facial swelling:

Excessive consumption of salty foods. It is undesirable to eat much salty foods at dinner or before bedtime, because salt retains fluid in the body and causes the appearance of edema and not just the face and limbs, and fingers.

The fluid deficit in the body. If the body lacks water, it begins to accumulate it, hence the swelling.

Alcohol. Absolutely all spirits delay fluid in the body, so experts recommend at night not to drink alcohol, and if you drink, you simultaneously lean on plain water.

Sleep. Even the most healthy person who does not consume alcoholic beverages, salt, sugar, and drinking adequate amounts of water, swelling of the face can be distressing from time to time. All then that during sleep, i.e. a long stay in a horizontal position, fluid drainage from the head, because it is on the same level with the torso and limbs. So this morning the swelling may appear.

What to do with swelling of the face, to quickly get rid of them?

It is advisable to prevent their occurrence, but if it happened this morning in the mirror you saw that your face was swollen, then try these tips:

— take charge in order to disperse the blood, and with it the liquid;

— pomassirovti face fingers — the Internet has plenty of videos on how to properly perform this procedure;

— drink 1-2 glasses of water;

— gently apply pressure with your index fingers on the area between temples and forehead for about 30-60 seconds.

These methods will allow you within minutes to get rid of puffiness of the face and brush it. You may need only one of these methods that will help you out permanently.

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