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How to remove bags under eyes without going to the beautician

Как убрать мешки под глазами без похода к косметологуBags under the eyes become a problem for many people, especially with age.

In this article we will discuss several ways to remove puffiness under the eyes using the procedures and gymnastics.
Puffiness under eyes: causes

Cause excess swelling and sagging of the skin under the eyes can be: - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The flow of fat from the top of the century at the bottom
Excess fluid
The weakening of the muscles located under the eyes
Aging that leads to thinning skin and wrinkles

In most cases bags under eyes are a cosmetic imperfection and does not indicate problems with health. However, you should consult your doctor if changes happened too abruptly, the area under the eyes is red, and all this is accompanied by pain or itching. It can be a symptom of allergic reactions or illness.

Bags under eyes are a cosmetic imperfection

Despite the fact that aging is the main cause of bags under the eyes, many people they passed on the genes. Often people from the same family have similar problems.

In other cases, the bags under the eyes are caused by lifestyle factors that you can change to reduce or even get rid of this problem.

How to remove bags under eyes at home

Bags under the eyes usually are not medical problem, however, they don’t look very aesthetically pleasing, and in severe cases can cause dissatisfaction with appearance and emotional stress.

Eliminate the bags completely, using home remedies, it is impossible, but the following tips will help to improve their appearance:

Get enough sleep. Healthy sleep is one of the most effective ways to maintain youthful skin and to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. It promotes the proper functioning of the immune system, heart and other body functions. Most adults should be given to sleep at least 7 hours a day.
Choose the correct posture for sleep. Sleeping on the stomach promotes a rush of blood and fluid-to-face, making the bags under the eyes even more. To avoid this, learn to sleep on your back, lifting with the help of pillows, the head.
Do not overdo the caffeine. The use of caffeine in large quantities dehydrates the skin making it dry and emphasizing the bags under my eyes. Monitor the amount of alcohol caffeine and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. However, caffeine can bring and use. It is contained in some moisturizers and serums under the eyes, improves blood circulation.
Limit the use of alcohol. Beer, wine and liquor pull of the water out of the cells of the body, making the bags under the eyes more noticeable. Alcohol consumption may worsen sleep quality, which greatly exacerbates the problem. Drink each glass of alcohol a glass of clean water. Nutritionists recommend drinking no more than one alcoholic drink a day for women and no more than two men.
Control Allergy symptoms. People with chronic allergies are more prone to the appearance of bags under the eyes. Allergic reactions can cause swelling and itching, which often lead to skin irritation. Antihistamines will help your eyes look healthier and removes nasal congestion and sneezing. When taking anti-allergic drugs do not forget to maintain water balance in the body.
Quit Smoking. Tobacco has a negative impact on all the organs of the body, including the skin. Smokers are more prone to wrinkles and premature aging. Smoking contributes to sagging skin and appearance of wrinkles.
Use makeup with a light texture. Apply the Foundation or concealer with a dense Foundation may seem a good way to hide dark circles under the eyes. However, too much makeup will make the eye bags more noticeable. Try to use makeup with a light texture so as not to create a mask effect on the face.
Moisturize the area around the eyes. The skin around the eyes is much thin and less fatty than other parts of the face. If it is not sufficiently hydrated, wrinkles and bags become more prominent. Before bed, use a gentle, non-irritation creams and serums for the eye area, it helps the skin to recover.
Cool the skin. Cooling the eye area helps to eliminate puffiness under the eyes. You can use chilled cucumbers or tea bags or purchase a special gel mask under eye and put them in the fridge before use. Another good option is dermaroller, which simultaneously cools and massages the skin.

You will not be able to affect the genetics or avoid aging, but a healthy lifestyle and skin care will help your eyes look better.

Cosmetic procedures and plastic

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons propose their methods of dealing with the hated bags. Depending on skin type, age and lifestyle can be applied the following treatment methods:

Chemical or laser peel that removes the outer layers of the skin, making it smoother.
Fillers under the eyes, which temporarily eliminate wrinkles and restore volume around the eyes.
Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), which involves the removal of excess skin around the eyes and correction of the shape of the skin.

You should consult with your doctor to understand what treatments will suit you and also to discuss the cost, recovery, risks and expected results.

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