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How to remedy the lack of vitamins for vitamin deficiency

Как восполнить нехватку витаминов при авитаминозе In winter, people lack vitamins.

In the modern world beriberi (complete depletion of vitamins) are not very common, but with hypovitaminosis (vitamin deficiency) doctors face constantly.

How to combat vitamin deficiency

The danger of these conditions is that they have no bright symptoms: weakness, decreased mental and physical performance, drowsiness, irritability or low mood are often attributed to General fatigue and lack of sleep.

In fact, these symptoms – the first signs of the body, which lacks vitamins. You cannot ignore them as long-term vitamin deficiency disrupts many vital processes and can cause serious chronic diseases. If we talk about extremes, there is a specific deficiency of each vitamin are symptoms, many of which, incidentally, were described long before the discovery of vitamins themselves.

So, information about scurvy (vitamin C) manifested by bleeding gums, loss of teeth, severe pain in the joints and weakness, appeared in the XIII century. Had previously been described “blindness” — impaired vision at dusk (avitaminosis A). The word “zaedy” –cracks in the corners of the mouth was known before was opened the cause: vitamin B2.

The answer to this question, as it seems, on the surface: of course, of food, their natural sources! But the reality is not so simple: even if today’s products were not depleted in vitamins, we wouldn’t be able to eat them in right quantity. Daily norm of b vitamins we can provide 1.3 kg of rye bread, the same amount of cereal or 500 grams of meat. The desired dose of beta-carotene we get from 1.2 kg of carrots 2 kg or pepper. Vitamin C is easier: 5-6 kiwi fruit provide the body say for the whole day (though more than half will be spent, if you smoke just one cigarette, or spend 20 minutes in traffic).

The trouble is that unlike our ancestors who could eat bread, vegetables and other products, almost pounds, we don’t have such opportunity. Together with the needed vitamins and act more calories to spend that for a modern person the whole problem. A constant surplus of calories will inevitably lead to weight gain.

One way out: to take additional vitamins in the form of SUPPLEMENTS (there are medicinal forms of vitamins, but they are designed for the treatment of deficiency diseases and related diseases). Regular intake of vitamins has long been familiar to many people in the world, as natural as brushing your teeth daily.

Not always easy to choose a vitamin preparation among the variety that is now on sale, but, having given preference to forms that contain phytonutrients, you will not make errors.

Phytonutrients (plant extracts) contain vitamins in their most “recognizable”, available form for our body, and the ratio between different b vitamins plant extracts such as intended by mother nature for maximum effectiveness. In addition to the vitamins, phyto-extracts contain minerals, flavonoids, catechins, pigments and many other substances needed for our health. In addition to the multivitamin preparations there are sets of directed action appropriate to different situations.

For example, complex with vitamin C is especially important for those who consume enough fresh vegetables and fruits and therefore suffers from a lack of ascorbic acid. In addition, the complex with vitamin C is necessary for the inhabitants of large cities, motorists and cyrillica – they are constantly faced with the aggressive components of air pollutants, and consumption of this vitamin in their body increased. To adopt such a complex is necessary also in the cold season and at the turn of the seasons winter-spring and autumn-winter, when the vitamin C we need more than usual to protect against colds.

Good protective effect on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract have beta-carotene and similar to it in composition of plant pigments – carotenoids, among which the most powerful is recognized as lutein and zeaxanthin (a mixture of carotenoids are sometimes called multicasting).

Carotenoids – powerful antioxidants that perform many functions in our body. They are necessary for the work of the visual apparatus and is important for those who spends a lot of time at the computer or has problems with vision. Sources of carotenoids particularly relevant and lovers of sun, including visiting the Solarium: they protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals.

But those who get a lot of sun is not enough, need additional sources of vitamin D. Even better, if the vitamin D comes with calcium and magnesium – these systems are better assimilated by the body and help to maintain the health of the musculoskeletal system.

Vitamin b complex is needed for people with intense mental work, those who cannot handle stressful situations, prone to mood swings or suffer from sleep disorders. The fact that the b vitamins directly influence the nervous system and the brain, and the lack of them affects our emotional state, and mental disability.

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