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How to relieve itch after mosquito bite

 Как унять зуд после комариного укуса The actual problem for the summer.

When we scratch a mosquito bite, scratching slightly the skin and mild pain at the time drowns out the itch. Then the body releases a bit of serotonin for pain control, it becomes easier. But then the bite itches even more, the scratch gets bigger, in the end we remain with a wound, a scar or even worse infection. Why can’t scratch it. Here’s what might help, experts say.

1. Medical facilities

The civilized way to solve the problem is to go to the pharmacy and buy medicine that will help from different mosquito bites.


We need Allergy pills, especially if the strong reaction, the bites itch a lot and they are so impossible to tolerate. Work quickly funds on the basis of cetirizine, but be sure to read the instructions and check contraindications before use.


In the pharmacy, the pharmacist will suggest antihistamine ointment on the basis of dimetindene. If you have already combed yourself, take the ointment with dexpanthenol to quickly healed.

The patch

Useful in case of nasty reactions when a mosquito bite swells a bubble ready to burst. The patch will cover the irritated place, protect it from dirt and from your nails.


Alcohol hand sanitizer — a quick remedy for itching. Will reduce inflammation and also disinfect the scratches.

Essential oil

Tea tree oil, which dries the skin and has anti-inflammatory effect, will help reduce mosquito bites.


If you do not have contraindications to aspirin, tablet must be crushed, drop of water and make a paste that should be applied to the bite.

2. Home and folk remedies

It’s scary to realize, but sometimes they’re no worse than pharmacy.

Cold water and ice

Reaction to the bite is often accompanied by edema, the place swells and hurts. Periodically immerse the bite in cold water or apply ice. This will help to reduce redness, remove the lump and endure the itch.

Warm water and a hot towel

Oddly enough, the itching help cold and heat. Therefore, a warm shower will help, if bites a lot. In the shower, use regular soap and don’t touch the sponge, so as not to injure the skin, and severely itchy places put a warm compress of the pressed towels.


Dissolve a few teaspoons of baking soda in a glass of warm water and apply this solution with cotton on the bites. You can make a small cotton compress.


Will help cereal, which you boil, not just pour boiling water. The flakes need to be crushed into dust in a coffee grinder or blender, mix with water and make a thick paste. Apply it on the bites, wash off after 10-12 minutes.

Tea brew

It is most convenient to attach to the bite the bag, which is pre-pressed and cooled.


Seriously, the plantain. Or Basil, which is now much easier to find in the kitchen than plantain on the side. Leaf wash, slice, or pound (in blender all is well out), and green mass spread of bites. When not up to it, crumble a sheet in hand to highlight some juice to the surface, and apply to the bite.

3. When you do not have anything at all

If the chance to get to the pharmacy, kitchen or any ridges, and treacherous stretches hand to comb all itchy, try to fool its receptors.

Click on the bite

Much pressure on the bite, will become a little easier. The effect is only temporary, you will have to repeat, but it’s better than the comb itself to the blood that the bite would heal faster than a scratch, and you will not be buried in the wound infection.

Pat on the bite

Instead of scratching, a clap on the bite, you can even much. It’s similar to scratching, but less traumatic — you cheat the brain, causing a bit of pain.

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