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How to regain the courage for the day after a sleepless night

Как вернуть себе бодрость на весь день после бессонной ночиExperts suggested how to recover quickly, if the night did not sleep.

The reasons for sleepless nights, maybe a lot, but that’s no reason to give up and go to work, head bent down with only one desire to fall down and sleep. It turns out that there are a lot of methods that quickly return the courage has not slept a night person, and here are ten of the most effective:

1. Going to work, listen to upbeat music or rock at high volumes. It is unlikely you will be to blame for it’s neighbors in the middle of the working week, on the contrary, you will help me and them.

2. Breakfast. After a sleepless night the body needs energy, and draw it out of food enriched with carbohydrates. Remember that the denser the Breakfast, the more energy you get.

3. Contrast showers to help the situation, especially at the moment when cold water. Experts say that a cold shower has the most invigorating effect. By the way, if the shower handle is a nozzle type shower “Charcot”, use it in the morning. Beating blast of cold and then hot water gets the blood moving and improve blood supply to cells and tissues, thus the body will Wake up.

4. Go to work on foot, or at least go a few stops on their two. First, you get your vitamin D3 from the sun, and secondly, physical activity will not allow you to think more about sleep, especially if you are going to go fast.

5. On the way to work think about what today will have the important things that you just have to finish. Set yourself up for positive, again, provocative music in the headphones you can listen to on the way to work.

6. Distribute the tasks so that for the most part labor-intensive work to perform before lunch. Active employment and following a clear plan will keep you on your toes.

7. Brew yourself a coffee and take a short break in order to drink it. After all, caffeine is doing its job, but the important thing is not to abuse it, otherwise it will cease to operate as it should.

8. Every hour wash with cold water and wash your hands. This will allow you to come to his senses and for some time to forget about that night you weren’t sleeping.

9. Take charge, if you absolutely fall asleep or just take a walk, walk the stairs up and down, jump on one place.

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10. Take a NAP. Yes, this method is not always possible, but it is effective. You will need only 15 minutes to the sleepiness vanished. Wind the clock and only 15 minutes sleep.

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