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How to reduce the negative impact of the January full moon on health

Как снизить негативное воздействие январского полнолуния на здоровьеThe full moon always affects the health of people, but not all notice it.

Experts equate to the full moon period, which in women is called PMT. That is, at the time when the moon becomes full, and three days before this, people can feel its impact on themselves in the form of a sudden display of aggression, outbursts of anger, wanting someone to row. What reasons for this sentiment, it would seem, no.

In 2018 the first full moon falls on January 2. This post-holiday day, for many it is working, so the feeling that things are not as they should will not leave you.

Astrologers recommend that people on the mental and physical health which is badly affected by full moon?

To give up alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are changing the human consciousness as the full moon, so drunk people in this period are the most dangerous to society and themselves including.

Avoid situations and people that can lead to conflict. Any conversation with unpleasant person for you may end with a scandal, so better to avoid those who you do not in spirit.

Not to overeat. To overload the body heavy food at full moon is not recommended, because it may further aggravate your condition.

To smoke less or even quit this addiction. Nicotine is a poison in the first place and it adversely affects the blood vessels of the entire body and brain. Full moon people suffering from migraines or other types of headaches, and complain of health, and if we smoke then the head ache 100%.

More to read some fascinating pieces that will help to distract from reality. Reading books has a positive effect on the psyche, soothing her.

To watch a pleasant movie, delivering high mental enjoyment. Positive emotions now will be great, and get them help Comedy or some kind of Christmas movie that you revise every year and it gives you a cool feeling.

Remember that to feel for yourself the machinations of the full moon you can still three days after the January full moon, but by Christ, you “suffer” and you will finally be able to relax and celebrate in a good mood.

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