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How to reduce cholesterol at home

Как быстро снизить уровень холестерина в домашних условияхDoctors called step-by-step guide that will correct your health problems.

A new joint study by doctors from Japan and USA have shown that the best way to reduce cholesterol than a vegetarian diet does not exist. Adhering to a vegetable diet for 4 weeks, it is possible to achieve a significant reduction of cholesterol deposits, the researchers found.

The authors of the project analysed data obtained in the course of 30 studies and 19 clinical experiments. The conclusion which they did, is clear: if you want to lower your cholesterol, you need to start to consume more plant foods.

High cholesterol is correlated with a high risk of heart disease and blood vessels, including heart attacks and strokes. Such indicators are often characterized by people who regularly consume fatty meats and meats. Working doctors evidence: adhering to a minimum of 4 weeks of a vegetarian diet, you can achieve a significant improvement in the body.

“Due to the transition to a vegetarian diet the level of cholesterol in the meat-eater may be reduced by 12.5 milligrams per deciliter,” said scientific workers.

Most useful do they believe the consumption of vegetables, fruits and nuts. “These foods are rich in soluble fiber, soy protein, phytosterols and contain little saturated fat – this explains why low cholesterol levels in those who adhere to a vegetarian diet,” stated the doctors.

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