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How to recover in the morning after corporate: effective ways

Как прийти в себя утром после корпоратива: действенные способыA few manage after the year-end party with my colleagues this morning to feel cheerful, but the way out is always there.

A series of new year corporate parties lasted until the New year and even after it, so people need to learn to be hardy and after celebrating with colleagues in the morning to come to work alert and well think. This is not easy, but possible.

These methods will help you to Wake up and get yourself going after a corporate event:

Start the evening/night the alarm clock and get up as soon as it starts to ring. If you switch it off and Wake for work.

Drink a glass of water with lemon juice. This morning drink will Wake you up and your intestines, which have yet to be cleansed from all that is you at the party “pushed”.

Take a contrast shower and wash your hair. Water, especially cool, perfectly invigorates and this fact is difficult to argue.

And another good advice: new year party – this is not the last day when you can drink and eat, more whole life ahead of you, so drink till you drop and eat to for the evening to gain 3-5 kg, not worth it.

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