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How to “recover” after the Christmas holidays

Как "прийти в себя" после новогодних праздниковNo matter how fun and interesting neither was the holidays, they have one drawback.

Somehow it is very fast and always unexpected they come to an end.

To return to working routine after a ten-day Christmas vacation a wonderful and cheerful is certainly a feat. But if we use proven methods to bring back to normal tired from the rest of the body, such a feat will be easy for you.

Immediately after the holidays to release the fridge from the remnants of the Christmas feast. Even if made in store salads and meat dishes look appetizing, putrefactive bacteria most likely already started their dirty work. Buy dairy products and plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Give your body a rest from digestion of fatty and sweet food in huge amount.

During the day, drink plenty of fluids. Not alcohol! Green tea promotes excretion of toxins from the body. Herbal tea with lemon is able to give strength and improve the complexion. Just don’t use buns and sweets along with the tea, otherwise you will negate all of its beneficial properties.

Make your body vitamin shake. The fact that alcohol “eats up” almost all vitamin C in the body. After the holidays, eat a lot of citrus and take higher doses of ascorbic acid.

Whatever the tempting opportunity to sleep till noon, do not let yourself to establish such a regime. On the second day after Christmas, well, on the third, set the alarm for an hour later than the time when you usually Wake up on weekdays. And two days before the end of the Christmas holidays set the alarm in normal operating mode. And then after the holidays you don’t have to sleep on the job and experience stress from lack of sleep and fatigue.

Make sure you take in the fresh air as much as possible. Go to the tourist camp or walk in the woods with the kids, build snowmen in the yard and fool around with the dog. Moderate exercise in the fresh air will quickly lead to normal tired of holidays the body.

A visit to the sauna or SPA. This is before the new year there was no break, but after the holidays there is much less people and you can safely enjoy your favorite treatments. Steam room and massage restore skin tone and will help to lose a few recent days of pounds.

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