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How to recover a damaged USB stick or SD card

To accept the fact that the drive has failed, it is very difficult, if not impossible, and we spent hours trying to bring them back to life, albeit unsuccessfully. Even specialized forums does not always help due to the complexity of the presented information. In this article we the most clear language describe the most simple method for the recovery of drives.

In the case of the SD card, you need to insert it in the appropriate slot of the computer or laptop or use a USB adapter. Nothing happens when you try to connect it with your camera or smartphone, and the same applies to the microSD card. For a conventional stick, of course, adapters are not required.

Replace the drive letter

Sometimes computer for whatever reason cannot see the drive with the already assigned letter, so it should change. This is done in a few simple steps:

1. connect your drive to your PC;

2. right-click on the icon “Computer,” select Manage in the popup menu.

3. In the new window, select “disk Management”, find your drive;

4. click on it, right-click it and select “Change drive letter”, then select any of the available letter, and click “OK”.


Another USB port

Maybe the port in which to put the flash drive or memory card is faulty – in this case it would be logical to use a different port. In most cases this will solve the problem.


Reinstalling drivers

If the drive is not detected in any connector, it might be the drivers – uninstall the existing drivers SD slots and USB ports and reinstall them. You can also delete drivers for a specific device, this is done in several stages:

1. just right click on the icon “Computer”, select “Properties”, then “task Manager”;

2. in the new window, open the category “Disk drives”, click on the desired drive, right-click and select “Remove”, then remove the device from the port and restart the computer.

3. connect the device again and wait until automatic installation of drivers or install them manually.

Check on another PC

If the proposed methods did not help, perhaps the problem is in the PC. Plug in a flash drive or SD card to another computer


Restore formatting

Perhaps on your drive file system is corrupt. The data in this case can not be saved, but you can revive itself the stick. To do this in “file Explorer” just right click on the desired drive, choose “Format” and in the new window, check the “Quick format, then click “OK”.


Information recovery third-party software

If the drive itself is of no interest and need only the information from it, you can use special software to recover, for example, Jihosoft File Recovery. The software recovers deleted, lost, formatted files from flash drives and memory cards and computer, and she does it gently and without difficulty. Jihosoft File Recovery is able to recover document files, photos, videos, music and files, and supports more than 40 different data formats, including DOCX, XLSX, JPG, RAR, MP3, ZIO, AVI and others like them. Jihosoft File Recovery has simple and convenient interface and works on all modern Windows systems.

The restoration of the proprietary information

Large manufacturers of disk drives release and restore data from them and programs for their recovery. It is at Samsung, Kingston, SanDisk and others. For SD and microSD cards there is a universal utility SDFormatter from the SD Association organization

A little advice

There is a possibility that the warranty on your drive is still valid – in this case, you can go to the store or directly to the manufacturer with a request for the replacement of the drives on the new or the recovery of information. For this you have legitimate reasons. Well, if you know exactly what’s on the drive were the only pictures we recommend to use the program Gihosoft RePicvid Free Photo Recovery Software – it recovers images from damaged drives and is distributed completely for free.

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