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How to recognize the early signs of diabetes

Как распознать ранние признаки диабетаThe doctors once again decided to remind everyone about how a person feels with high blood sugar levels.

Diabetes every year is becoming younger. If before this disease prevailed old, now they are often affects children and young people. The disease may develop asymptomatic or manifesting itself in such a way that people may not pay attention to any symptoms.

In this regard, doctors reiterated that these signs of diabetes ought to alarm you and cause immediate blood sugar:

1. Fatigue. Many diabetics say that initially before going to the hospital while they experienced terrible fatigue and even after a good sleep. Literally 5-10 minutes of physical activity at an elevated level of sugar in the blood will cause the person to fall down from exhaustion. In any case, with this symptom should undergo a medical examination and find out the exact cause of this ailment, but to leave things as they are, absolutely not, because it can cost you your life.

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2. Thirst and appetite. When the blood glucose level a person wants to drink and he has dry mouth during the day or night. Drinking large amounts of water will cause swelling, so if you are a few days can’t cope with the thirst, first contact the therapist and give blood. The same applies to manifestations of brutal appetite. The more sugar in the blood, the less glucose gets into the cells, hence there is an eerie feeling of hunger and wants to eat everything at hand.

3. Weight loss. At the initial stage of diabetes the patient may rapidly lose weight, but he will not have to go on a diet and Jogging. Low insulin levels in the blood and elevated levels of sugar cause in the blood system is disturbed glucose metabolism, and in this case, there is an accelerated burning that is fat cells and therefore one “melts” in his eyes.

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4. Anxiety and aggression. People, without noticing, become more angry and emotional at the time when the level of sugar in their blood rose above normal. This symptom is often ignored, so the diabetes quietly developing and will soon make themselves known.

5. Reduced vision. Both adults and children, along with developing diabetes gets vision. Patients may notice that you can’t focus the view on any subject, or simply can’t see in front of you and away from themselves. Eyes diabetes suffer from cellular starvation and stress, so if you have deteriorated eyesight, it makes sense to check blood sugar levels in it.

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