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How to recognize lung disease at the initial stage

Как распознать болезни легких на начальной стадииDoctors told, what symptoms are signals that light the disorder.

Most diseases are easily recognise the symptoms in the beginning of their development, but need to know what signs may indicate a particular disease. The lungs are one of the most important organs of respiration, by which the person can breathe. If the lungs have any violations, then difficult breathing, but that’s not the only sign that a person is sick.

Lately, the most common ailment of the respiratory system is considered to be chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which include: chronic bronchitis (complication), emphysema (pathology), asthma and cystic fibrosis (heredity). These diseases most often affects smokers but also among non-Smoking population regularly registered physicians of these diagnoses. Often they lead to death, so their health should be treated more carefully.

What symptoms should alert you and get to check the lungs on the subject of developing one of the most serious diseases:

1. Coughing, disturbance of person for almost a month. If you’ve had any disease that affects the respiratory system, but the cough will not go away and continues to bother you, and you may notice blood in the sputum, the first thing you should go to the doctor.

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2. The patient can not focus and think as before. The fact is that the circulatory system is powered by oxygen that enters the body through the lungs. In the case when develop one of the diseases of the lungs, the body does not receive the oxygen that it needs, including suffering and the brain. It is not surprising that the patient noted a sharp decline in mental activity.

3. Shortness of breath. Most often, shortness of breath occurs in smokers and obese people. As it turned out, in diseases of the lungs shortness of breath is also growing and thus indicates the person is on the body that now requires attention. And shortness of breath can appear not only after climbing up stairs or running but also when walking.

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4. The lack of strength. Lung diseases do affect human well-being. Here again, all because of the oxygen that is due to weak lungs enters the body and does not give a person the necessary energy. In result patient feel that he is terribly tired and have no strength. Moreover, this feeling accompanies him even after a good rest and night sleep.

5. Weight loss. The doctors said that to differentiate weight loss due to lung disease from weight loss for other reasons during eating. Need to fill my own plate normal portion of food and start eating, if at some point the person will feel that he is lacking air and he quickly ate a small amount of food, then most likely the problem is in the lungs and it is necessary urgently to check.

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