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How to recognize kidney stones: symptoms

Как распознать камни в почках: характерные симптомы Doctors have identified the possible signs of the formation of kidney stones.

Kidney stones are formed for several reasons and often it is an infection of the urogenital tract, obesity, diabetes and chronic inflammatory diseases of the intestine, stomach and pancreas.

By themselves, the kidney stones can exit the body in that case, if they are small, but if their size exceeds the permitted limit, the output will be painful and will result in the following symptoms: - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

– sharp pain in the abdomen or back, groin and just below the rib cage;

– nausea and vomiting;

– blood in the urine, by the way, there may be different shades from pink to red and dark brown;

– frequent urination;

– incomplete emptying of the bladder;

– severe pain during urination;

– fever and chills.

With the appearance of certain symptoms which can indicate both the kidney stones and infectious diseases of the genitourinary system, you should immediately contact to the doctor and get tested.

If the doctor detects kidney patient large stones, he will immediately schedule surgery to remove them, because no other way to bring them to fail. In cases when the stones are relatively small, the patient is prescribed antibiotics and painkillers, which will eliminate infection and numb the process of withdrawal of the stone from urine.

People who once faced with a kidney stones that were trying to leave the body through the urinary tract, referred to the pain strongest of all. So it is better to prevent the formation of kidney stones, taking care of their health.

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