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How to recognize an approaching stroke

Как распознать приближающийся инсультDoctors told about the signs that signal the development of stroke.

As we know, people with obesity, high cholesterol levels in the blood, diabetics and cores are far more likely to face stroke than everyone else. But American scientists have found another reason for the development of stroke, which manifests itself long before the stroke.

According to scientists at one of the universities of the USA, is a substance, such as calcium, the deposits of which are concentrated in the vessels lead to stroke, heart attack and other serious diseases.

American scientists have conducted a number of studies, which concluded that the people arteries which is not filled with calcium, can not worry about what can occur in a stroke. Moreover, even if they are diabetic or cores, and also have some health problems, which usually lead to stroke.

In medicine, the deposition of calcium salts in the blood vessels is called “calcification”. All anything, but when the level of calcium in the arteries is higher than normal, the vessels of the brain and heart become rough and not as elastic as it was before.

When calcinate vascular system is sealed and normal blood circulation becomes impossible. Also, at any time, especially for hypertension, one of the vessels can burst and then there is stroke, heart attack, stroke or death.

How to avoid the calcination of blood vessels of the brain and at the same time stroke:

to keep blood pressure at normal;

– avoid stress and not to worry over trifles;

– to refuse food, saturated with cholesterol;

– lose weight if you are overweight or obese;

– stop Smoking and abuse of alcoholic beverages;

– lead an active lifestyle.

Take care of your health in advance, not when something is too difficult to change later.

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