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How to quit Smoking: 5 products

Как бросить курить: 5 продуктовQuitting Smoking is not as easy as it sounds because nicotine is addictive.

Most smokers girls and women, and men don’t want to leave because they are afraid to grow stout.

Indeed, the longer we smoke, the more difficult to give up tobacco – nicotine is embedded in the metabolism and the body begins to react to his shortage. But nicotine is a toxin, which, like it or not, poisons the body. This is not a “hard” drug but still a drug. Addiction to this substance occurs in the body slowly, therefore creating the illusion that Smoking can be quit at any time.

Meanwhile, cigarettes are starting to have a negative impact on us from the first days. And it’s not so much the nicotine as the tar and toxic compounds. They develop severe disease from diseases of the lungs and cardiovascular system to cancer.

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Therefore, it is important to stop Smoking as early as possible. And there are natural assistants in this difficult task.

1. Water.

Drink it generally useful, and when you quit Smoking – twice. Water removes toxins and poisons from cigarettes. And it just don’t get fat. So, want to smoke, drink five SIPS of water.

2. The lemons and oranges.

The body of the smoker is in dire need of vitamin C because it ceased to be absorbed. Therefore, mandarins, lemons, grapefruits, kiwi, bell peppers are your best assistants – they help the body increase resistance to nicotine and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Besides, low calorie.

3. The milk and yogurt.

Remember the milk on the chemical industries was appointed for the “hazard”. And no wonder – it is a great absorbent, which helps to rid the body of harmful substances. And sour milk products – kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt normalize the metabolism and get rid of dysbiosis. And calories in them again a little.

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4. Celery.

Celery is considered a vegetable that is able to “ruin” the taste of the cigarette. And it normalizes blood pressure, helps to reduce nicotine dependence and improves the condition of blood vessels.

5. Young apples.

Yes, winter is not the best period for green apples. But they contain oxalic acid and iron, which is lacking in the body of the smoker. And anemia at the same time get rid of, and not too much gain.

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