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How to quickly get rid of a burn: 6 tips

Как быстро избавиться от ожога: 6 советовTo burn at any time: in the kitchen, cooking dinner and even at the holiday table by pouring hot tea or coffee.

Everyone in his life was burned and was horrified to notice that appear on the skin, wolagri, redness and even huge wounds.

But fortunately, there are many effective methods of struggle against manifestations of burns.

And here are some of them:

1. After a burn on the burned area should immediately apply a few drops of essential lavender oil, which not only will speed healing, but will remove the slightest chance of having blisters.

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2. Also burns a great helper is an ordinary toothpaste, you want to apply a thick layer on just the damaged area and leave for a few hours.

3. Burns with moments taken, which has passed some days will help the lubrication of a decoction of linseed. Stains burns almost immediately lighter and are, like blisters.

4. Also help lotions from chamomile, though, and heal a long time, but do not leave traces of scars and soothe skin.

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5. Good are potatoes and carrots. A napkin with powdered vegetable you want to attach to the burn and periodically change it.

6. Accelerate the process of healing tinctures of nettle, calendula, witch hazel or aloe, they do packs that must be replaced every few hours.

Here are few simple ways that will help not only to heal rapidly, but not leave them not a trace.
In severe cases, do not hesitate and be sure to contact the doctor!

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