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How to quickly and effectively “break up” with excess weight

 Как быстро и эффективно "расстаться" с лишними килограммамиIn order to get rid of pounds of excess weight per day, you will have to work hard.

Every woman’s dream – to bring your figure to perfection in the shortest time, because soon will start the beach season. The extra inches on the waist can be removed, but only through diet and physical activity. Other quick ways to lose weight and fix the result simply does not exist.

In General, nutritionists strongly against those diets that thing is that the “breed” on the Internet. Most of these power systems for weight loss is composed with gross errors, from-for what the person will either fail to lose weight or lost weight will return in a few days, taking with him a couple of excess pounds, have health problems.

In connection with these risks, doctors recommend to look soberly at ourselves and make the right decision concerning the method of weight loss. If you have the extra only 5 kg, then they can handle, sitting on a diet, but when we are talking about 20-30-50 pounds that prevent you to live to the fullest, here one diet is absolutely not enough.

Following from the information given above, the spring diet is designed for people who have in excess of five kilograms.

Basic rules:

– drink plenty of plain water;

– move more;

– dinner until 20:00;

– relaxation;

– eliminate from the diet of sugar and salt, in this case, the result will not keep itself waiting.

Menu hard spring diet:

Breakfast: small serving of cottage cheese with a teaspoon of honey, a Cup of coffee.

Snack: 2 green apples.

Lunch: vegetable soup, 150 g boiled chicken fillet, fresh cucumbers.

Snack: salad of seasonal vegetables, e.g. cabbage, cucumber and greens dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.

Dinner: a glass of kefir or plain yogurt.

As we can see the spring menu diet hard enough, but if you can eat strictly in it, then the next morning you will find that they have become lighter by 1 kg, and even more.

If you want, on this diet you can sit for 3-5 days to achieve more visible results.

By the way, after this diet the main thing – not to break the usual food, because the dropped pounds come back.

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