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How to put in order the figure for the holidays

Как привести в порядок фигуру к праздникамStarve yourself diets in the new year eve experts do not suggest.

To new year’s eve to look slim and fit, there is no need to starve yourself and to adhere to new-fangled diet, is enough to change some eating habits, to arrange once a week fasting days and drink more fluids, said dietician Lyudmila Babich.

Starve yourself diets in the new year eve experts do not suggest. Especially considering the fact that long-term restriction in certain products greatly affects the function of internal organs and slows down the metabolism. And feast, which are inevitable during the holiday season, not only will return you all the lost weight and add a couple of new, but can cause severe pain, nausea and even poisoning.

Instead of starving yourself, right now refuse harmful products – fast food, semi-finished products, pastries, sweets, salted and smoked products, canned food, cakes and sweet biscuits. Try to eat less fried, and the fish or meat is boiled, bake or cook for a couple.

Be sure to drink lots of pure non-carbonated mineral water, green tea or herbal decoctions, of course, without sugar. Remember that dehydrated the body faster are deposited fats as well as lack of fluids significantly slows down the metabolism. The daily rate is 6-8 glasses depending on your weight. Accelerating the metabolism, the water cleanses the body of toxins.

Refrain from sugary carbonated drinks – the sugar in them almost as much as candy, plus they can cause fermentation in the stomach, said the doctor.

Such simple measures will allow you to easily lose a few extra pounds, and to build on the success using fasting days (but not more than once a week).

It can be as monarthrum (on one product), and just “vegetarian day” without meat and animal products (including dairy). It is a light jolt to the body, which prostimulirujte process of metabolism, purification of blood and blood vessels.

Depending on preferences, organize fasting days on apples, yogurt, veggies, pumpkin for the rice without oil.

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