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How to protect yourself from coronaviruses? COVID-19 has the focus?

Как уберечься от коронавируса? COVID-19 имеет направленность?

Today many wonder whence came the deadly coronavirus COVID-19? Is there any logic in its distribution? How to protect yourself from dangerous diseases? Please find the version presented by the editors of one of the world publication, which answers these questions.

This year the coronavirus COVID-19 quickly spread around the world due to the concealment of information by the Communist party of China and turned into a plague that terrifies the whole world. The epidemic of coronavirus ruthless, but its spread outside of China is focus: he rushes to the Communist party and its supporters. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

More than a month after this terrible outbreak of coronavirus in the world broke out of the crisis, and to the governments and people had to wonder:why did you come virus ? How is it connected with the Communist party? What people and countries may be to blame?

The whole history of the Communist party is a dark history of war, famine and death. 70 years of tyranny of the Communist party has killed 80 million Chinese, and destroyed traditional Chinese culture and morality.

It is enough to mention the inhuman criminal business in the forcible extraction of organs from Falun Gong practitioners. This ancient meditative system teaches people honesty, kindness and patience. When everyone in China 13 began to practice Falun Gong , this infuriated the leader of the Communist party Jiang Zemin, and he unleashed a massacre that lasts today.

According to experts, every day in China, killing about 250 people for their organs for sale. For these crimes are high-ranking officials of the Communist party. As you read these lines, another supporter of the Falun Gong in China will probably lose their lives because of the greedy nature of the evil regime.

Как уберечься от коронавируса? COVID-19 имеет направленность?

Currently bullying the General population, the Communist violence and lies led to a deep disaster to the Chinese nation and the entire world. In the book “the Specter of communism that rules our world” States that the nature of communism is an evil spirit whose ultimate goal is the destruction of mankind.

Как уберечься от коронавируса? COVID-19 имеет направленность?

For nearly 40 years, developing countries in Africa to developed countries of Europe and America, the Communist representative of the evil spirit — the Communist party of China (CPC) continued to weave his network of influence. It involved economic interests as bait, using globalisation, Confucius Institutes, a program of “One belt and one road” as a cover. Through political, economic, cultural, educational, scientific-technical and other channels, it penetrated into the country, “to lead people away from God, to bring God and reach the goal of final destruction of mankind.”

Countries and regions that have been implicated in the intensification of contacts with the Communist party did not always understand what is really going on. (, And certainly they could not imagine what would break this terrible pandemic. “Wuhan plague” has spread around the world, clearly indicating that it applies to countries, cities, organizations and individuals that are closely associated with the Communist party.

To illustrate the spread of the networks of influence of the Communist party of China to the whole world, can be viewed on an interactive map, prepared by the specialists of the International center ciberpolitica.

Как уберечься от коронавируса? COVID-19 имеет направленность?

Compare this map with the geographical spread of coronavirus.

Как уберечься от коронавируса? COVID-19 имеет направленность?

Certainly there are links between these maps.

“Close companions” of the Chinese Communist party in Iran and Italy suffered greatly

As of March 12, 2020 in five countries outside of China, there were more than a thousand confirmed cases of pneumonia in Wuhan: Italy (12 of 462 cases), South Korea (7 869 cases), Iran (9000 cases), France (2 281 case) and Germany (1 966 cases). Among countries with more than a hundred deaths — Italy (827 cases) and Iran (354 cases).

Iran is a strategic centre of the penetration of the Communist party in Eurasia and Africa in the framework of “One belt and one road”, implemented by the CCP since 2013, and providing for the establishment of Communist hegemony. Over the last 10 years, the Communist party of China was the largest trading partner of Iran with a huge investment in this country.

Italy is part of the “Big seven” of the most developed of democracies, joined to the strategy of the CCP in March 2019, despite the opposition of the Western allies. The Italian authorities decided to “strengthen comprehensive strategic partnership” and become the first country in Europe that signed the agreement of the CCP’s “One belt and one road”.

Italy and the Communist party of China have formed 74 pairs of friendly cities, including in the most affected areas of Lombardy and Milan, Venice and Bergamo.

Close neighbours to China differ in relation to the PDA

Compared to Europe and the Middle East, outbreaks in areas adjacent to mainland China, to more clearly show their relation to the Communist party.

For example, as of March 12, in neighboring China and South Korea were diagnosed 7 869 cases what is nominally the third largest outbreak outside of China.

In Japan, separated from China by sea, was 639 cases, and in Hong Kong and Taiwan, adjacent to the mainland and 130 and 49 cases. One death occurred in Taiwan and three in Hong Kong. Moreover, the early cases have occurred on the continent, but added to the statistics of Hong Kong.

Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan are close neighbors on the mainland, however, the spread of the virus COVID-19, obviously not looking at the distance from China, and only relations with the Communist party.

There have been many examples where people violate moral norms and society degraded-came epidemic. For example, in Ancient Greece, the virus has killed thousands of people, history repeats itself? Or remember Justiniano plague at sunset Ancient Rome, which claimed the lives of millions.

Despite the fact that the epidemic of coronavirus has caused people pain and even death, history and reality indicate a clear path to getting rid of the current plague and get rid of its causes. People should be aware of the truth about the Communist party and to choose their own path.

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