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How to preserve your summer tan: simple tips

Как надолго сохранить летний загар: простые советыUntil the beginning of autumn a few days and your tan from your latest vacation you can’t do.

However, over time, it will partially disappear, so you should make sure now to in advance to save.


Moisturize as often as possible, so she had no chance to dry out. After all, when the skin is dry, it starts to peel off, and this process can not be stopped.

Less hot water

Long hot baths and showers can dehydrate your skin, so it is best to use cool water and a moisturizing shower cream or oil is more dry gels or foam.

Be careful with the exfoliation

From such a process will not be able to get rid of because dead cells can make your skin more dull. So do this very carefully and cautiously. Ideally, in publishing a suggest before you rest enough “to necrobiont” the body and on a nice tan later apply moisturizer.

Drink plenty of water

Again, hydration is essential to good skin health, cell renewal, and everything that is associated with the preservation of Golden radiance. Also plays the role of a healthy diet in which many foods such as papaya, carrots, sweet potatoes and mangoes.

“Strengthen” tan

Fake tan is much easier to apply when you already have your own sun – a chance for orange elbows and knees will be lower when your skin is already darkened in the sun.

To do this, choose turquoise or coral nail Polish, which will emphasize the Golden glow of your skin.

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