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How to prepare the skin to tan

Как правильно подготовить кожу к загаруTo tan went smoothly and was kept long before the trip to the beach is to deeply cleanse the skin.

If you are going on weekends to the beach, please note that the first stage of a beautiful tan starts with a… more at home. To tan went smoothly, and the skin remained dark, you need to remove old skin cells. The sense of melanin produced in these cells, no, they are still very soon be stripped off and leave, and then go and tan. So on the eve or the day before the trip to the beach need to do a good scrub of the whole body. (But not immediately before going out in the sun! In this case you will get a burn, not tan.) By the way, is to do two or three treatments scrubs during the week before going to the beach.

For deep cleansing, use homemade scrubs

Salt. The easiest, but at the same time effective way. Salt medium-grind pour in a convenient container, then collect the salt with a damp sponge and massage the body. The duration is ten minutes.

From flax seeds. 1 tablespoon of the seeds boil in small amount of water to make a thick mass. Then grind in a coffee grinder 2 tablespoons of dry seeds and add to brewed, stir. The scrub is ready.

From oatmeal. 2-4 tablespoons of cereal pour a small amount of milk and allow to swell. Then massage this mixture in the body skin. You can use just the palm can be a sponge. As the oatmeal dries the skin, after the procedure you need to apply a moisturizer.

Coffee. Brewed coffee grounds applied to the wet skin over the body and massaged seven to ten minutes.

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