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How to meet New year of the Soviet elite. Photo

Как встречала Новый год советская элита. ФотоFrom the history of the holiday.

In Soviet times, party leaders also loved the holidays, was his way of preparing them, respect their traditions and customs, including the celebration of the New year. Someone of the leaders tried to mention modestly, in the home, someone arranged mass celebrations, but someone on this day was at the work post and work for the good of the state.

The “cream” of the Soviet society on the “Blue light”

“Blue light” was one of the most favorite Christmas programs in the Union. Considering that in those days there was such a diversity of television shows, as now, he drew to the screen the vast majority of Soviet citizens.

Как встречала Новый год советская элита. Фото

The shooting of the Soviet “Blue light”.

Guests of this event were representatives of the party leadership, famous actors, astronauts, those who were idols, and set an example to the people of the country.

Как встречала Новый год советская элита. Фото

Yuri Gagarin on the set of “Blue fire”.

Shooting was largely similar to today – covered tables, a fixture which was a bottle of Soviet champagne and bowl of mandarins. Men in the frame were drinking cognac. But in fact, in most cases, instead, this strong alcoholic drink consumed strong tea. All this was done in order to be long hours not eventually become banal Buster.

Lenin, who worked on December 31 and January 1

New year as the main mass holiday was introduced by Peter I, but for a long time did not take root. One of the main reasons for this was the coincidence of timing with the great advent. Strict abstinence from food and alcohol could not be combined with dinner table and the celebration.

Thus the ceremonial Christmas tree with songs and dances existed at the time, however they were not Christmas, and Christmas. Performed them in the Kremlin, the residence of the governors of the cities and their main guests were children, this tradition was laid during the tsarist era.

Как встречала Новый год советская элита. Фото

Lenin with children near the Christmas tree.

The inhabitants of the Union had formed a clear idea of what Vladimir Ilyich was very fond of the New year. This was largely due to the fact that his image appeared on most Soviet postcards – Lenin in a tree, Lenin with children, decorate forest beauty.

Как встречала Новый год советская элита. Фото

Lenin in the dance around the Christmas tree. Card.

But in reality the weight was much simpler – 31 and 1 Ilyich worked. Documentary information on the participation of Lenin, the new year celebration almost did not survive. In the story “Tree in Sokolniki” is described as the leader congratulated the children had fun with them and distributed gifts. However, all this is rather an invention. In fact, on Christmas eve, Vladimir Ilyich with his friends went to a forest school at Sokolniki, to visit are there for the improvement of Nadezhda Krupskaya. On the way to the car was attacked by bandits, marooned passengers out of the car, took Lenin and his companion’s arms and disappeared into the party machine. Abandoned in the wasteland, the leader and his comrades on foot reached the local village Council, there is a phone called the backup car and it drove to forest schools. That is, in school, he still came, but after everything that happened, Lenin was not celebrating, and no gifts when it was not.

Stalin and the time when the celebration of the New year could face a court

Unlike his predecessor, Stalin welcomed the New year. For example, in his biography there is evidence that on the 31st he collected a secret conference of representatives of the social democratic unions. Really impossible to say that Stalin loved this holiday.

In the second half of 20-ies of the tree was recognized as a reflection of bourgeois pretensions and was banned. But it was subsequently abolished, and it was made in accordance with the new ideology of the party. It was necessary to show all that in the USSR, a period of prosperity. Happy New year celebration according to the plan of the party leadership had become a powerful propaganda tool to unite families, groups and all citizens in General.

Как встречала Новый год советская элита. Фото

New year’s speech.

Invariable attribute of celebrations was dressed tree. After the official return of the holiday was approved by a special ceremony of conducting the celebrations. The program included proletarian balls, and all the fun wore Communist character and was only after listening to “the Internationale”. There was another established custom: 5 minutes before midnight, she gave a speech for the health and Stalin wanted the Communist party to become the ruling around the globe. Then his words were picked up by others and was first up in the new year toast.

Stalin himself celebrated the New year in different ways, often at work. But there is evidence that the leader allowed himself to relax, sat at the head table and enjoyed relaxing and socializing with their guests. By the way, it was during the reign of Joseph Stalin the tops of the trees began to crown pointed stars, and Santa Claus appeared granddaughter snow maiden.

Nikita Khrushchev and the predecessors of the modern corporate

In Khrushchev’s time it became fashionable to celebrate the New year at work, with colleagues. The first Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU was the initiator of such innovations. In the second half of 50-ies of the party elite gathered in the Kremlin on December 31. At the same table with them sat the representatives of the creative intelligentsia, diplomats, famous engineers and designers. Along the way, the celebration summed up the expiring year, plans were made for the future, sometimes even taking strategic decisions.

Как встречала Новый год советская элита. Фото

Khrushchev at the new year holiday.

The tables were Laden with gourmet dishes, the alcohol flowed freely. According to surviving memoirs of the participants of the Banquet, some guests were thoroughly drunk, and had to be driven home. But Nikita Khrushchev was always in a cheerful state, the reason for this was his “secret” shot. A special device had a thick bottom and contained a much smaller amount of alcohol. But she looked the same as all instances in the table.

Как встречала Новый год советская элита. Фото

New year’s feast in the workplace.

Leonid Brezhnev and the turning of the New year family party

With the coming to power of Leonid Brezhnev New year’s celebration once again has changed. Was introduced an unofficial ban on celebrations in the workplace. The festival had to celebrate at home. The ideology of this innovation was the phrase “New year is a family holiday,” which came to our time. The officials were led to believe that everyone should meet him in the circle of his family, who are workaholics-the Communists very rarely see.

Как встречала Новый год советская элита. Фото

Holiday in a narrow family circle.

Brezhnev himself is also celebrated with family and close friends. In his house beforehand, there was an active preparation – decorated tree and living room, the kitchen attendants, headed by the wife of the Secretary General creates delicious treats. The same attribute table were culinary delights: stuffed pike-perch or pike, and they were brought with the “special dishes”. From alcoholic beverages – “Soviet champagne” and “Zubrovka” vodka tincture on meadow and forest grasses. Part of the get-togethers from Brezhnev were war songs, which the audience sang right at the table.

The first day of the new year at party cottages

Most party leaders continued the celebration of New year in the first days of January. January 1, most often held in the form of traditional get-togethers at party villas. They are located in the village of Pliuty (Obukhov district, Moscow region), the village of Pushcha-Voditsa.

Как встречала Новый год советская элита. Фото

Winter feast of the leaders of the party in the country.

The tables were covered with either dishes left over from the Christmas table, or there is a special menu, which was delivered by special order from restaurant kitchens. Optional fresh air cooked meat. The celebration could be completed by the evening of the same day or to be continued during the holiday weekend.

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