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How to make coffee more useful

Как сделать кофе более полезнымExperts shared the secrets about the ingredients that not only improve the taste of coffee, but making this drink is very useful.

For the majority of modern society, starting with young and ending old age, coffee is an essential morning beverage. Everyone knows that drinking coffee at night — fraught, as it can cause insomnia. Therefore, it is most often consumed in the morning and during the day, but no later than the afternoon tea.

Coffee may be completely different, and each for himself determines which coffees more acceptable. Someone who likes coffee with milk, and some brandy. But as it turned out, there are only three ingredients that coffee is getting super-useful and, importantly, very tasty.

Experts are confident that products such as honey, ground cinnamon and coconut oil, can improve the properties of the coffee. It is not only about its taste, but also how this drink will affect the health of the person.

Consider why these ingredients are able to make coffee more useful:

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First and foremost it should be noted that honey is a much healthier sugar, but it is no less sweet. In this regard, nutritionists recommend to replace the usual few spoonfuls of sugar in just one teaspoon of honey so that the coffee stays nice and do not harm the figure.

Plus, honey has a gorgeous range of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. For example, it is not for nothing often advised to use in autumn and winter, because it strengthens the immune system due to vitamin C in its composition.

In the interaction of coffee with honey, too, have the advantage that they speed up the metabolism. So those who have problem with metabolism, you can try to run in the morning, your bowels with a Cup of aromatic organic coffee with honey.


Ground cinnamon is a powerful natural antioxidant and antibacterial agent. Moreover, it can help to remove any inflammation within the body. Also don’t forget about bracing and warming qualities of cinnamon that is necessary in autumn and winter.

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Coconut oil

The price of coconut oil may seem to many fans of coffee too high, but experts suggest not to skimp on your health, and to use it in a small amount daily with a Cup of coffee. Despite the fact that coconut oil is enriched with fats, it is able to burn fat accumulation within the body. The fact is that it is, as stimulus, acts on the intestinal wall and makes it to work at an accelerated pace, so that excess fat does not have time to accumulate.

Experts suggest all those who are afraid of drinking your favorite coffee because of information about its dangers, to try to add these ingredients. At least everyone knows that honey, cinnamon and coconut oil is unique and necessary for the maintenance of health, so this Supplement for coffee will go exclusively to the benefit.

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