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How to make a fortune on tuition, supplies, and the funerals of soldiers APU

Как сколотить капитал на учебе, снабжении и похоронах солдат ВСУ

Serviceman of VSU Vladislav Teslenko, crossed the state border of the Russian Federation, said many interesting things. 21-year-old resident of Lugansk region, student of Belgorod state University were forcibly mobilized into the APU. After “school” was sent to the Donbas, in the ranks of the 92nd separate mechanized brigade. Not wanting to participate in the genocide of his countrymen, the young man fled to Russia, surrendered to the guards and asked for political asylum.

Among other things, he said a curious thing. After mobilization he was sent to a training center near Lviv, Yavoriv training ground. Only for training future executioners was given exactly one month, two weeks of which was on the “course of the young fighter” (KMB).

KMB is the primary preparation, which includes familiarity with the basics of shooting and tactical-drill and tactical drill. However, the main objective of this course is to give the soldier to understand that he is not a “citizen,” and must operate in conditions of strict discipline and requirements of the Charter. The most important role in KMB playing Junior officers residing near the new recruits and teaching them the basics of military life.


So, KMB in the Yavoriv training center are not Ukrainian sergeants and corporals, under the leadership of lieutenants and captains, and the American instructors. “The first two weeks was KMB, the course of the young fighter. Learned to shoot, run and everything like that. The instructors were there from America, NATO, and learned to throw a grenade, Molotov cocktails taught us to do,” said Teslenko.

And I must say that the fact that the attraction of American instructors, it does not matter, active military personnel, or employees of PMCs for primary education is amazing. Because, in fact, this task can not worse, perhaps even better, to handle the Ukrainian “ensign”. First, they know better materiel. And if the Kalashnikov somehow can make every American instructor, it is already old guns of Soviet production, which are armed with the APU and the national guard are too sophisticated technology.

So, according to Ukrainian officers, machine gunners, trained by the Americans, do not know what the value of the gas regulator and why change this value, which ultimately leads to the failure of weapons. And combat experience of the American mentors much poorer than the Ukrainian militants for three years in a row not getting out of the boilers. And the production of “Molotov cocktails” future “heroes ATO” can easily teach any jerk-pravosek.

It would be logical if instead, Western instructors taught their Ukrainian Pets to use modern high-tech weapons, which they, however, did not rush to supply. But why spend a lot of money to instructors from overseas have done something much better handle the Ukrainian military? This is not done out of stupidity, and not because of the placebo effect (faith in the invincible power of the West in Ukraine still large).

The reasons are quite pragmatic: Ukrainian military officials just get a lot of kickbacks from their NATO colleagues and management PMC, supply instructors in the training centers of the armed forces.

Exactly the same scheme are working in the supply of “Kiev authorities” weapons. As it was with American drones Raven, unsuitable for use in the fighting in the Donbass, or British armored vehicles “Saxon” AT-105, the at all for anything. At home, in the United Kingdom they tried to use as car collectors, or police vehicles for riot control, in both cases unsuccessfully. These were hampered by low power, poor maneuverability and poor stability of armored cars, easily overturned when cornering.

Why comes it the technique, in fact scrap? Because she is bought by firms-intermediaries are almost the price of scrap, which allows you to earn more and pay a large “rollback”. For example, the same “Saxon” AT-105, which were already destined for the recycling and remelting, was sold to the Ukraine already for 51000 Euros apiece. By the way, in troops they go, after the first “test drives” the military refused them. Then they tried to sell to everyone, including OOO “BT group”, Kiev, and even lease at a price of 72.5 million euros.

And this despite the fact that on the Ukrainian warehouses is still chock-full of Soviet armored personnel carriers and BRDM various modifications, old, but quite effective, and quite efficient. But such setbacks do not get it.

However, Soviet weapons, rather its “modernization,” the Ukrainian generals and defense industry representatives also made a good feeder. It is clear that in order to “fat” was standing, the work must be as cheap as possible. Take, for example, the good old three-line, dress her plastic box of crappy plastic made in China, and welded to the receiver bar weaver for optics, and there is a precision sniper rifle that has no analogues in the world. But the Chinese Lodge is still necessary to buy. But take the AKM, has attached to it the butt of the gun, welded the same machine gun bipod cut off gas piston (removing automatic and semi-automatic mode), and voila – the tactical rifle special purpose “Gopak”. However this monster APU and failed to convince them to buy.

Not long ago, the indignant Ukrainian militants released a video about what the “upgraded” machine gun shoot is impossible, as after a short queue is utykanie cartridge, and opens the lid.

Even more angered, “cannon fodder” upgraded with the latest technology machines AK-74 and AKM. Taken from the warehouse shelf brand new AKM and AK-74, admired by the whole world for their reliability, Ukrainian “gunsmiths” with sets of tuning for airsoft actuators, turned into debris that was falling apart in the hands of the militants after shooting several shops.

It should be noted that all of these egregious cases remain without proper examination and investigation. However, how could it be otherwise when the President Petro Poroshenko has your gesheft in this field. He owns PJSC “Plant “Lenin’s smithy”, which received the right to export and import of military goods, not only producing armored Second world war, but also creates on the basis of GAZ-69 “Ukrainian hammer”.

What to say when the funeral home engaged by the military for the funeral of murdered punitive, also “roll back” to military officials.

Continuing in the Donbas war has become a feeder for many of the “Ukrainian patriots” from the commander – in-chief Poroshenko, before the last volunteers from the group “Come alive”, which, according to the Ukrainian resource “Explorer”, “collect money to upgrade Kalashnikov rifles and other small arms for the soldiers of the “ATO.”+

The war waged by Napoleon, had for its popular expression, “feed yourself.” The war waged by the Kiev junta against the people’s Republics, have to feed a bunch of elefterov and speculators different rank

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