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How to maintain your weight after weight loss

Как сохранить желаемый вес после похуденияThree simple steps.

The hardest thing is not the process of weight loss, while retaining desired shapes after. Surely with such a problem faced by many women. According to the statistics of the small number of women able to save new progress.

How to avoid the returning boomerang unwanted weight? You just need to follow the list of simple recommendations.

First, come out with correct diet. No need to lash out hungrily at all the food. Slowly, with small steps to build your grocery the diet, adding food that it impossible to eat.

During the first 14 days after weight loss add in the diet + 200 calories, but only food with the “right” carbohydrates and fats. You have to forget about the biscuits and chocolates, better replace it with whole wheat bread, dark chocolate and nuts.

The second step is adherence to a fractional power. The bottom line is the food in small portions. This solution helps slow metabolism.

The third and mandatory recommendation to implement mandatory daily Breakfast. Do not need to skip morning meal, lunch, otherwise there is a risk of overeating and adding unnecessary calories. Allow breakfasts to anything good will not result: a legend and a slower metabolism.

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